Preventing premature ejaculation is not nearly as easy as many make it out to be. Once that idea is in your head the problem can escalate and you can easily get caught in a cycle where your anxiety itself is causing the problem. Although there are numerous techniques, products and methods that can help you last longer in bed, you need to focus on preventing premature ejaculation. The sooner you break the pattern, the sooner you can start having a normal sexual relationship again.

There is not real cure for PE since the problem is predominantly a mental one. Although certain medication and medical conditions can cause it, for the most part guys get into a mental "habit" that's very hard to break. So, what can you do from your end to help preventing premature ejaculation? Here are 2 great ideas:

1. Double Up

Lidocaine jelly is one of the most effective products that can safely desensitize you. Most products you buy in adult shops are actually just variations of this. The problem is that while desensitizing you it can also rub off on your partner and make sex pretty dull. The easy solution to this problem is to just double up! After applying the jelly, you should wear a condom. That way you not only get the benefit of the jelly, but you also get the benefit of a condom. You might even find some condoms that have an inner layer of lidocaine jelly.

2. Arousal Management

Okay, so you've probably heard of anger management but not arousal management? Well, it's almost exactly the same in that arousal management is all about learning to control your level of arousal before and during sex. If you become too aroused you usually only focus on ejaculation which is one of the main reasons why you don't last.

So, how do you do this arousal management business? Woman can last much longer than men simply because they are more in touch with their own bodies. You need to learn how to become more aware of your own body and there are many sensual awareness exercises that can help you with this.

Walking into a sexual encounter with a game plan is the best method for preventing premature ejaculation. With these 2 methods you can tackle the problem from both a mental and a physical perspective. In the end it's a habit that you need to break and more than anything you need to proof to yourself that you can last longer.

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