So you know to limit your sun exposure. You protect your skin from the toxins and irritants that come with smoking and harsh personal care products. You even feed your good skin with a healthful diet. Is there anything else a person can do to keep the glowing, supple skin of youth?

Absolutely. Once you've made sure what you take into and put on your body and skin are beneficial, the world of supplements can offer a little extra help in your fight against the outward signs of aging.

A quality multivitamin is, of course, a good starting point for your overall health. In addition, here's a rundown of some of the most important vitamins and other compounds that can assist in your anti-aging efforts and help to keep your skin strong.

- Fish oils are an excellent source of healthful omega-3 fats, which combat skin dryness from the inside out. Studies have also suggested these fats can help protect skin against sun sensitivity and assist in relieving psoriasis symptoms. What's more, fish oil fights age-related memory and cognition trouble, too.
- Coconut naturally contains antioxidants, healthful fatty acids, and antimicrobial agents. As a food, coconut has long been noted for its healing qualities. And if you have extremely dry skin, rich coconut oil offers long-lasting relief when used topically.
- Antioxidants, naturally found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables as well as green tea, help eliminate the free radicals that cause damage to skin and body cells.
- Vitamin C is useful in treating skin infections that cause boils or acne. It may be applied topically as part of a protective barrier against sun damage. Some studies have even suggested that cancer patients with skin damage from radiation treatments heal more quickly when given supplemental vitamin C and E.
- Vitamin D3 gives immunity and skin protection. It's an important supplement particularly for people who are sensitive to the sun, which is the human body's natural source for the vitamin.
- Lutein, a compound naturally abundant in spinach and kale, helps protect your skin from sun damage by filtering ultraviolet waves. Bonus: Lutein may also fight age-induced vision trouble since it's key in protecting the eyes from light damage.
- Lycopene has antioxidant properties and may even have an ability to thwart the excessive cellular growth that characterizes cancer.
- Vitamin E may help relieve the symptoms of chronic skin problems. Note: Use this supplement cautiously. Enough is good, but too much can cause irritation, allergic reactions, or worsening of other conditions.

Does this list sound familiar? Good catch! It's no coincidence that the same elements that add up to young, strong skin contribute to the good health of your other body systems, too.

Remember this: Keeping your skin healthy and avoiding the effects of aging are not just vanity. Your skin is, literally, your body's first barrier against outside offenders. Keep it strong, from inside and out, and you've given your whole body a formidable system for defending itself.

Author's Bio: 

Roberta Roberts Mittman, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.S., is a nutritional and lifestyle consultant, holistic mindset mentor, and nationally board-certified acupuncturist. Using natural, drug-free techniques, Roberta opens the door to complete mind-body health. Roberta's goal is not only to relieve patients' illness and discomfort, but to help them set realistic goals for physical and mental preventative care and overall wellness. Roberta believes in empowering individuals to be their own best healers.