Preventive dental care as the name suggests is all about taking preventive measures yourself and visiting a dentist on a regular basis for routine checkups. This may be more than having a simple clean up during a checkup. The main purpose is to ensure you maintain your overall health and stay healthy. It is to ensure you can maintain good oral health and avoid having any major complications like gum diseases, loss of teeth or jaw bone issues.

Some of the good practices that almost every dentist will suggest include brushing and flossing along with regular visits to the dentist. It is applicable to both children and adults. Thus for children close to Danville pediatric dentistry nearby would be suitable.

It starts from home and involves practicing good oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, maintains a good lifestyle, avoiding foods & drinks that damage your teeth like tea, caramels, chewy dried fruits, sticky foods, etc. Brushing on a regular basis, especially after meals, keeping tabs on the intake of citrus fruits and juices is a good measure since it helps prevent erosion of tooth enamel. Avoid smoking, candy, nuts is also beneficial.

This article describes how consulting a professional dentist can help you maintain good oral health.

Professional Preventive Dentistry

Some of the common threats to your oral health include issues like plaque buildup, tooth decay, gingivitis and more. Preventive dental care can avoid this from occurring. It is all about regular dental care to avoid any dental issues in the future. It is also useful for those with existing dental issues since it can help these issues from becoming more serious and being a health hazard.

It is likely to differ depending on the dentist you visit however; it is likely to include some of the following dental care treatments:

  • Very thorough dental cleaning.
  • A health discussion with the expert dentist regarding diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene habits.
  • An overall checkup also shows signs of other issues like oral cancer.
  • Routine X-Ray for a preventive check.
  • Use of dental sealants or fluoride treatment.

Importance of this type of Dentistry

One of the major causes of tooth damage is sporting injuries that tend to affect both kids and adults. People have known to lose their baby teeth and permanent teeth during sporting activities. Missing teeth can be replaced using one of the many solutions available to all depending on the dental state. However, it is always advisable to preserve your natural teeth rather than opt for replacing a fallen or broken tooth with an artificial one.

There are many preventive measures one can take when involved in sporting activities to protect their teeth. One of the most common methods is to use sports mouth guards which commonly used in sports like boxing, rugby, football, etc.

Other than accidents routine dental preventive cleaning will help you maintain your oral health and is also a good way to protect yourself from dental decay and gum diseases. It is useful to detect issues that one might not notice normally. It also includes fluoride treatment to remove plaque and bacteria and helps you maintain your smile.

Important Stats & Facts

  • 1 in 4 adults in America suffers from tooth decay.
  • Almost half the children less than 11 years of age suffer from tooth cavities and a large number of them go untreated.
  • The number of people without dental insurance is quite high.
  • A large number of low-income families have children that miss school due to poor dental health.
  • For every dollar that is spent on preventive care, it is possible to save $8 to $50 for restorative & emergency dental clinic
  • Access to more affordable preventive care during adolescent years can help decrease oral health issues as well as the loss of teeth in the future.


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