Preventive Practices to Beat CORONA
1. To improve immunity:
a. Rub and Tap on your chest and all junctions and fold like elbow both sides of hand and feet. 10 to 15 minutes you can improve immunity.
b. Take Deep breath inhale slowly hold for 2 seconds exhale slowly after 2 seconds. Repeat 10 to 12 times.
c. Do Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom and other breathing exercise for ten minutes.
d. Walk for 15 to 20 minutes daily.
2. Follow without questioning government’s directives.
3. In case of any medical emergency do not visit hospitals you can contact doctors by phone.
4. There are several proactive measure must adopt them. Then consult doctors digitally.
5. Take once in a weak stream Inhalation with few drops of Eucalyptus oil
6. Take one ltr of water add Ginger, Turmeric, small chopped onion and boil till it becomes half. After cooling the water add two spoon of honey sip slowly, once in a day.
7. Contact a Doctor known to you or contact us we will direct you to suitable medical professional who can advice you correctly.
8. Prayers and Meditation. It keeps you calm and mentally strong it keeps your lungs clean and healthy.
9. Hydrate yourself with healthy liquids like: Lemon water, ginger water, Tulsi water.
10. Avoid mucus forming foods like: guava, Banana, cold milk curd/butter milk ice-cream, Cold drinks, cakes cold and frozen foods.
11. Eat homemade foods which are slightly warm and well-cooked.
12. Avoid raw vegetables as it may be contaminated during cold storage and transportation.
13. Cooking vegetables, grains may reduce contamination because of heating as corona virus does not survive in hot medium.
14. Take immunity building foods like: Tulsi drops, Haldi, Aswagandha water, Pomegranate, ginger, Jaggery.
15. Don’t take non- seasonal fruit & vegetable and which are cold like watermelon and grapes.
16. Gargle with salt water, at least three times a day.
17. Eat 25gm nuts daily for regular protein in body.
18. Apply virgin coconut oil over body before sleeping.

Remember: Prevention in only cure for this disease.

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