Jungle safari in Sariska National Park has an awesome heart loving adventure. It is formerly a hunting reserve of the majestic families of Rajasthan but after few years hunting has been completely barred in the region. Afterwards, it was declared as a safe and natural habitat for scarce species. Sariska National Park is spreaded over the 800 sq. km area. Sariska was announced as a tiger reserve in 1971. The safari takes you over most of the reserve. If you’re lucky enough you will surely spot some tigers.
Tigers are main magnetism in Sariska National Park but it also comprises of a large number and variety of jungle creatures, includes leopards, wild dogs, jungle cats, hyena and jackals, sambar, cheetals, nilgai’s etc. Birds are also a good attraction like Peafowl, GreyPartridge, Bush Quail, Woodpecker, Eagle etc. and other migratory visitor birds at the sanctuary.
Prices of Entry Fee, Jungle Safari
The best way to explore this richness of natural beauty is of course in an open jeep safari. There are RTDC approved tour operators who arrange for a safari at government approved rates.
ENTRY FEE- Rs.80 per person for Indians
Rs. 470 per person for foreign nationals
Rs. 400 per video camera
Rs. 2650 per jeep all-inclusive safari for 6 people.
Rs.5000 for 20 persons
Guide fee Rs.300
Private vehicles-
Bus- Rs.400
Jeep/Car/Mini Bus- Rs.250
Scooter/Motor-Cycle- Rs.30
Private vehicles are allowed inside the Park only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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