The safari in the Ranthambore National Park is the most famed wildlife safari in the world for the elite tiger spotting. None of the other parks provides such an outstanding opportunity of tiger sighting in their natural territory as like Ranthambore. However, getting the sight of this subtle and treacherous hunter of the forest is pure luck, but with a slight bit of preparation you can boost the possibilities of tiger sighting in the Ranthambore forest. If you want to improve the chances of tiger sighting you can take two safaris in two shifts in the same zone in which the tiger sighting is reported recently and then take one or two safaris in different zones.
Types of Safari
Ranthambore National Park offers two types of safari vehicle options to get into the forest and explore the wildlife. One is 6 seater jeeps and another is 20 seater canters which are allowed to enter the park. Both the vehicles are open from all sides provide the best viewing experience in the forest. Both the vehicles are available on seat sharing basis, so if you are a single tourist there is no need to book the entire jeep you have to pay only your part of amount. In both the vehicles passengers are accompanied by a driver and a knowledgeable guide and their charges are included in the safari charges, so you don’t have to pay extra for it.
Timings of Safari-
Jungle safari is allowed to take place in two shifts- Morning and Evening. Though, the safari timings change accordingly with the change of the season. In the morning shift the entry timing is usually at 6:00 AM and the exit timing is 9:30 AM. In the evening shift the entry timing is 2:00 PM and exit timing is 5:30 PM. The Ranthambore National Park now offers a special advantage for wildlife enthusiasts by providing the facilities of Half –day and Full-day Safari. Now, tourists have the option to stay more time in the park than the standard safari shift time. It is to be noted that the full- day safari is for 12 hours and the half-day safari is of 6 hours are permitted.
Charges of Jungle Safari-
The charges of jungle safari depend upon many things such as- mode of transport, duration of safari etc. The safari charges also differ for foreigners and Indian tourists. The foreign tourists can now avail full day safari for Rs. 72000 and Rs. 56000 for half day safari. For Indian tourists full day safari for Rs. 57000 and half day safari for Rs. 46000. Prices for general safari for Indians-
Half day safari- Rs.46000 per jeep
Full day safari- Rs.57000 per jeep
Prices for general safari for foreigners-
Half day safari- Rs.56000 per jeep
Full day safari- Rs.72000 per jeep
Hence, before planning a trip to any National Park, make a proper plan considering all the factors such as- Prices, Timing etc.

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