Entrepreneurial Enterprise
As an employee at Ericsson Muhammad Nasrullah was creating massive telecom networks but he felt there weren't enough services, so he left and “came up with a mobile social network which would be a gateway into other services.” He became an entrepreneur and one of his startups was Pring.

Social Ring
“Pring is now Pakistan’s largest social network. We’re connecting Pakistanis on any handset with information and people they care about,” explains founder Muhammad Nasrullah. Users send over 12 million text messages daily.

Change Agents
“True entrepreneurship is the tenacity to get something done regardless of the problems. An entrepreneur solves any issue and finds a way through. They are problem solvers and change agents,” states Muhammad Nasrullah.

10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success
Muhammad Nasrullah lives by his 10 keys to entrepreneurial success. They are:

1. Have vision.

2. Don’t compromise on your vision.

3. Move as fast as you can.

4. Mistakes are good if you learn from them and don’t repeat them.

5. Never be afraid.

6. Hard work is more important than shortcuts.

7. Don’t be afraid to fire customers who don’t fit your work.

8. Hire only the best.

9. Don't give up without a fight.

10. Keep going (although you may have to change direction or expand upon your vision in some way).

Changing Fate, Changing Destiny
A firm believer in changing fate, with the knock-on effect of changing destiny, Muhammad Nasrullah believes people give up too quickly without a fight.

Chief Challenge
Of course there are tremendous challenges. Chief among Muhammad Nasrullah’s challenges are finding people who want to change the world. This kind of entrepreneurial spirit you need in a startup is hard is find.

Great Cause, Great Belief
“We spend a third of our lives working. If it’s not for a great cause, it will be very hard to do it. A startup is very hard work and unless you believe in what you’re doing, you will give up,” reveals Muhammad Nasrullah.

Streams of Investment
Another tremendous challenge is getting enough seed money. Here is how he did it. He tapped “the Bank of Mom & Dad, partners, and later on side work to generate funds. Eventually, we were bought by the Panasian Group which injected significant investment.”

Lady Luck
Another key factor of success is luck. “You can only work so hard, the rest is luck or faith in Allah. Our meeting with the Panasian Group, is one example. Meeting with great clients is another,” admits Muhammad Nasrullah.

Real Marketing
We market it by making a great product and the people who use our network love it enough to talk about it with everyone. That’s real marketing. All of our users have joined by word-of-mouth, virally. People find our business by word of mouth from existing customers who love Pring. Mobile phones are inherently very personal devices and social devices. Everyone has an address book and your friends know your number. So, a social network like Pring grows on top of this model quite well.

Duty and Debt
“We are from well-off families who didn’t need us to financially support them or ourselves. This gives us the freedom to experiment with trying to create a company. If we fail, it’s OK but if I was from a poor background, it would've been very hard to do a startup while having to support family. For this reason I strongly feel that the middle and upper class of Pakistan owe it to the rest of Pakistan to create companies because if we don’t there’s literally no one else who will. And without companies, there won’t be new jobs and no change in our economic plight,” says Muhammad Nasrullah.

Pride of Pring
Muhammad Nasrullah is the founder and CTO of Pakistan’s biggest social network Pring – pringit.com. Pringit has caught the imagination of millions in the last three years and currently over 12 million text messages are generated daily!
Pring is a product of e-Business (Pvt) Ltd.

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