Princess Y72, Azimut S7 and Galeon 640 FLY are pleasure yachts, each of which has international CE (A) certification and can operate on the high seas and oceans. The hull length of all models does not exceed 22 meters - they are equipped with 4-5 sleeping cabins for passengers.

A common feature of the yachts is the presence on the cockpit of closed cabins with hard-tops, equipped with captain's posts, soft sofas, compact tables. The spacious Azimut S7 also has a small galley with a grill and a sink. Each vessel has an open bow deck with several sun loungers, and the Princess and Azimut shipyards also have spacious plush sofas. On the sides of all ships there are passages fenced with metal railings through which you can enter the bow.

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The layout inside the Princess Y72 cockpit is as follows - on the starboard side there are two corner sofas with a compact glass and wooden dining table. On the port side there is a galley equipped with an oven and electric ovens, a sink, a refrigerator, several drawers for food and dishes, and a bar with two swivel chairs. Also in the cockpit there are entrances to the ship's cabins - five of them are provided as standard. Each cabin has beds for two people (two cabins are equipped with double beds), spacious wardrobes, boxes for personal belongings and separate rooms with bathrooms and showers.

In the Azimut S7 cockpit, on the port side, there is a spacious corner sofa with two compact tables and a galley, which is equipped with a sink, drawers for food / dishes and two ovens - electric and oven. On the starboard side there is an electronic control panel with several displays and two swivel chairs, behind it there are several boxes for personal belongings and a spacious refrigerator. A dining table with several chairs is located on the outer cockpit deck.

The ship has five cabins - two are equipped with double beds, the rest are single beds. Each room has wardrobes, spacious lockers for personal belongings, TVs and separate bathrooms with showers. In the aft part of the yacht there is a technical room for the engines and a compact motor boat.

Inside the Galeon 640 FLY cockpit, on the port side, there is a galley equipped with an oven and electric oven, sink, drawers for food / dishes, and next to it there is a soft corner sofa with a folding dining table. On the starboard side there is an electronic control panel with two swivel chairs, a compact bar counter and a spacious refrigerator. There are four sleeping cabins on the ship - three of them are equipped with double beds, and in the far, located aft, there are two single beds. Each cabin has separate rooms with a bathroom and a shower, as well as wardrobes, boxes for personal belongings and TVs.

The stern of each yacht is equipped with spacious platforms with ladders for access to the water and towing attachments, and a compartment for a compact motorboat is provided at the stern of the Azimut model.

The design bureau of the Princess shipyard worked on the exterior and interior of the Princess Y72 yacht. The vessel's fiberglass hull is white and equipped with tinted dark glasses. The interior of the yacht has a light satin finish with oak details.

The exterior of the Azimut S7 was designed by Stefano Rigini, a renowned exterior designer. The body organically combines white and dark gray colors, as well as tinted glass elements. The interior of the vessel is designed in Italian style by Francesco Guida.

The design of the Galeon 640 FLY was created in collaboration between the shipyard's design office and designer Tony Castro. The body is painted white, and the extensive panoramic windows provide good illumination of the interior. The interior is decorated with teak wood in light colors, which makes the rooms visually spacious.

The Princess Y72 is powered by two MAN V-12 stationary engines with a total power of 1,650 hp. The cruising speed of the model is 32 knots, and the maximum is 35 knots. The vessel is equipped with a 4,500 liter fuel tank and a 909 liter fresh water tank. At half load, the yacht covers more than four hundred nautical miles.

The Azimut S7 is powered by three 800 hp stationary engines. each, however, the speed indicators almost do not differ from the above-described vessel - cruising speed is 30 knots, and the maximum speed is 36 knots. The fuel tank holds 3,600 liters, allowing sea voyages up to three hundred nautical miles. The vessel's fresh water supply is 1,000 liters.

The Galeon 640 FLY is equipped with two MAN diesel engines with a total capacity of 2,200 hp. It develops a speed of up to 35 knots, and in cruising mode, the speed is 28 knots. With a capacity of 2,600 liters, it can travel more than three hundred nautical miles at half load. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 800 liters.

Each of the described yachts has unique advantages, therefore, in order to choose the most comfortable model, it is recommended to study them live. To do this, you can visit exhibitions that are periodically held in different countries, or use the services of a broker. 2Yachts will help you get to know in detail the features of each yacht and form a complete understanding of them.

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