When it comes to cracking the Medical College Admission Test, most commonly known as the MCAT test, the majority of us cannot help enrolling in a test preparation program. And, of all the prep programs available out there for MCAT, Kaplan and Princeton Review are two most popular courses pre-med students go for.

However, if you are one of those planning to go for only one and crack the exam at your very first approach, you’ve landed in the right place!

Make sure to check out our princeton review MCAT vs Kaplan Head to Head Comparison before you seal the deal with any MCAT Course at random!

Course Provider’s Overview:

First of all, both Kaplan and Princeton Review are highly prestigious educational platforms offering a number of tutoring resources including ACT, LSAT, SAT, DAT, GMAT, MCAT, USMLE, etc.

Both of the educational organization provides high-quality prep courses conducted by qualified professional tutors.

So, no matter, whether you go for Princeton Review MCAT or Kaplan, one thing we can assure is- you will be offered quality course materials as both the institutes are well aware of their reputation. Still, some important factors are there that we are going to introduce you to in our following discussion.

Classroom Time / Instruction Hours:

Keeping the rest of the course features aside if you focus on the classroom time or the lecture duration assigned for the MCAT prep course, Kaplan is a bit ahead of its sheer competitor Princeton Review. Kaplan includes a total of 700+ instruction hours while Princeton Review offers 625 instruction hours in total.

Practice Questions & Full-Length Exams:

Though both the courses have almost the same number of full-length practice exams, Kaplan covers way more practice questions than Princeton Review.

Yes, Princeton Review MCAT course contains 11 full-length practice exams and 2,000+ practice questions while Kaplan MCAT course has a huge collection of 8,000+ practice questions and 15 full-length exams. And, MCAT being a comprehensive test, these numbers actually do matter.

Price & Discounts:

Both of the courses are offered at the same price range if you carefully calculate the discounts offered through various platforms. And, at the same time, chances are there that you may qualify for special discounts on some special occasions as many of the students availed earlier. Make sure to check out the latest price of both the courses before you sign up for any of them.

Free Trail:

Like many of the course providers out there Princeton Review offers many free resources for the students for MCAT preparation programs as well as their other courses sometimes. So, you always have the chance to check out their course materials, sit for the practice tests and even try a full-length practice exam for free before you make any financial commitment.

On the contrary, Kaplan instructors, as well as the institute itself, is so confident about their Kaplan MCAT Prep Course that they usually don't offer free trials though they have an extremely interesting refund option available for students.

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