Marriage holds a great importance in Islam. It is Sunnah to get married and is considered a really sacred event. Islam is a religion of simplicity and when it comes to marriages, Islam has always given the commands of keeping it as simple as you can. You can see the examples of the most sacred and simple marriages of Prophet’s (PBUH) wives and daughters. They have set the exclusive examples for us all and we should learn from those examples.

Marriage is a matter of huge responsibilities and should never be taken lightly. It shouldn’t be made complicated for those poor fellows who can’t afford lavish and expensive events of marriage which are not even part of the Islamic teachings. Marriage in Islam consists of two major events, Nikkah and Walima. Some people save their money and book the tickets of Umrah with their loved spouse and experience the most Holy obligation in the company of one another. There is no point of spending millions of rupees on a single event. You can enjoy the benedictions of Allah by booking one of the great Ramadan Umrah Packages 2017 and travel with your partner on the journey full of blessings.

Nikah require the mutual consent of both partners. It is a contract between both individuals which bounds them together with love and security. Nikah can take place at any local mosque or at your home as well. Walima can also be held anywhere and it shouldn’t be necessarily an expensive and lavish one. Always remember that beauty lies in simplicity. Unfortunately, marriages these days have become nothing but an event on which you can boast about your wealth and power. An immense amount of money is usually spent on useless events which are not even part of the Islamic teachings. Neither we see the examples of such events in the marriages of Prophet’s (PBUH) wives and daughters, nor we read about it anywhere in Quran and Hadith.

Money never gives the guarantee of a successful marriage in future. Often people have to face the burden of taking loan to fulfill he demands of marriages. It is very disappointing to see such culture prevailing in our society which is not even part of Islam and its teachings. The extravagant sum of your wealth never has a positive impact on your wedding. You may feel happy but that happiness is for a temporary time. Permanent happiness lies in the blessings of Almighty which you gain by following His commands.

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