People and religions around the world use the term mysticism to describe a craving for spirituality harmony with God or another being, and a personal experience of some kind of religious truth. In psychic circles, it is the awareness of an additional part or telepathic communication or obscure comprehension. Others simply refer to it as mystical knowledge.
Characteristics of mysticism
Regardless of the mysticism approach used, this belief has a number of universal characteristics they are:
• A unifying belief of one principle or God
• An intention and factual sense of authenticity
• A religious intellect of holiness and sacredness
• Inexpressible and ironical feelings of satisfaction joy and bliss
Experiences differ between hypothesis and individuals who subscribe to a range of mystics. Immanence conforms that life is not seen as projected but engrossed from God, while emanation views all things as flowing over from God. In religious terms, it either seeks unity with God or is seeking the unity or identity with one universal being.
A non-religious form of mysticism is more of an experience from nature where an individual is conjoined with nature. This is clearly seen in the Goddess related faiths that include neo paganism and neo pagan witchcraft where nature is more worshipped. This is a form of immanence with one of three core principles of the community and interconnection. The barriers between nature and individual vanish making them one.
It encourages people to live their spirituality within the world and to take actions to preserve and protect lives of the earth and make an effort to live with integrity and responsibly. Neo pagans knowingly call the earth their mother and most people have referred to the earth as ‘mother’ at one point in time or the other. Just like a babe loves their nurse for nurturing and caring for them, in the same way humans should love the earth and nurture her offspring, this is the basic belief of mysticism.
Understanding spiritual mysticism
Each religion and culture has something unique to offer in spirituality. There are those that believe in reaching their spirit by dancing and trance music for example with Islamic Sufism while others believe in nullification like Catholicism.
Nobody was born to believe in any particular religion, but our upbringing influences our choices of religion. There has to be a strong link of faith and determination for a person to believe in a particular faith. One aspect of this kind of belief is mysticism. This known as a mysterious religion that is conscious of a superior and divine reality achieved through various means with God.
It is difficult for individuals to understand the concept of God with scientific explanations. It is even harder to grasp the existence and power of a stronger and more autonomous being that is in control of all the world’s processes.
Spiritual mysticism has its roots in the subcontinent including Islam Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Researchers working on understanding mystic spirituality view it as significantly different from other mainstream religions and all that is required for a person to practice mysticism is faith, the potential of business success. It is also very helpful in business leadership

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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