You now know yourself better than most people ever will. So, what do you do with this new found knowledge? First, ask yourself if you have enough fire in your belly to proceed as an entrepreneur in your own business. If you do, you will most likely be highly successful and will enjoy your individual endeavor. That fire in your belly can truly make the difference between success and failure in an entrepreneurial venture.

If you find you don’t have this entrepreneurial fire, consider other venues. Perhaps linking up with a partner who fills in your gaps and who has that entrepreneurial passion is the answer. Seek a partner whose skills and interests are very complementary. If entrepreneurship is totally out of the realm of your thoughts, then seeking an “intrapreneurial” opportunity with the right company will be best for you. Only you can decide which path is right for you, but you need to make this important decision before you worry about applying the rest of the principles of life.

Second, spend some time trying to understand your occupational “sweet spot.” Strive to understand in what business or situation your gifts, skills, and interests allow you to function best. You will be good at whatever this is and will have fun doing it. Remember, making money should not be the primary focus. If it is, you may find yourself financially successful but otherwise miserable.

Third, don’t forget to keep asking for wisdom. Encourage to drink deeply from the Bible and other literature that is particularly inspirational for you. After establishing a financial budget, seek inspiration and wisdom to know the ideal occupation for you to pursue. And keep seeking wisdom along the way.

These principles is a road map for you, showing you how you can find your occupational “sweet spot” based on who you are while achieving your dreams and incorporating a balance into all you do. When you proceed, it will change your life! Now that you have an understanding of yourself, it’s time to select the “right” opportunity based on this knowledge.

If you decide to go into business for yourself, don’t go into debt to start the business and don’t stay in a money-losing venture. The opportunity you choose to pursue must pay all the bills necessary to support a conservative lifestyle. But, life is not all about accumulating money. You have to do more with your resources to have a truly meaningful life. A portion of your time and money goes to your business, another portion to your own needs, and use the rest to help others. When the money starts coming in, don’t just spend more – live by your budget, eliminate debt, accumulate a cash reserve, invest wisely for the future (retirement and other future plans), and of course, help others.

Clearly, business and money are important to all of us, but they only provide the means to an end. Avoiding the constant pursuit of money for money’s sake, and planning and living so that you have time to leverage your resources to help others is a profound, life-changing philosophy.

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