The most difficult task in the Internet is to win the consumers trust. As this is very significant factor to run one’s business online. The major part of the success of the site is dependent on the ecommerce web designers as it is essential for them to focus on the fundamentals of the e commerce.

Paint Your Pictures At Home:

The first and the foremost thing is you as a designer should not set any rules and regulations for the customer. By this I mean every person has its own creative side so everyone think differently from the other so as an e commerce designer it is your responsibility to match the creativity of your clients and the worst thing you would be doing is to force your visitor to think in a certain way. As a designer you should make your ecommerce website design for your customers and not to satisfy your creativity. So this is a challenge every ecommerce designer has to face and should face it in order to emerge as a winner.

Good UX is Like a Perfect Movie Score:

As an ecommerce designer your credibility lies in to build the brand loyalty for the website. The impact of the website on the customers mind and brain should be such that they trust you to such an extent that even they become patient and can be forgiving at times. For instance Apple lovers forgive the company for a mistake and zealously defend the company’s products and reputation.

The next thought flashes across your mind is how to build the trust and the answer is to give the user the experience. It is not enough just to create a website but what is more important to use the right combination of usability, creative design, writing, psychology and strong brand which would create a rich experience for your customers and thus build a trust relationship.

E Commerce UX Pitfalls to Avoid:

Just because you have created a website does not necessarily mean that the customers will use it. Usability and the user experience belong to the same family.

Product Display Page:

Product display page catches most of the attention of the retailers and less effort is reflected on the rest of the website. This is also the reason that most of the user’s time is spent on the product display page. Here you should represent all the information but in an intelligent way.

The Checkout Process:

The Checkout process is also a critical piece that engages customers but unlike PD page where customers want to spend most of their time the checkout process should contain that much information which is needed for the customers otherwise more information and they feel trapped.


Make sure that the customer’s information is kept intact and their privacy would never be compromised and hence their trust increases.

The Value of the Content and Then Some:

It is very necessary for e commerce web designers to engage the customers to read the content he has written and then use the social media outlets within and outside their websites.

Most of the social media users believe it is very vital for a company to have the presence in social media and also believe a company should also interact with the consumers via social media.

Using Type and Color to Influence:

The designers are very well acquainted with the color and typography and also using them in ecommerce is also not very different. When you design for a retail website you have to keep in mind that your client is your customer and moreover you are designing for those hundreds, thousands of the potential customers who would like to click on the promotional brands your website would exhibit and would even like to purchase them.

Can it be read:

Most of the designers love to play with the typography and would form a beautiful masterpiece of skill and beauty but most likely the customers who are not artists would not like that or would not approach and your sales would be affected.

Consistency in Type: Stylistically and Creatively:
To make sure that the headers, sub headings and body copy are consistent across the website. You can also add style to your website but lot depends on the brand you are promoting and also the size of the website.

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