Printing was once unknown to people, and during those days, only a handful people could read and write. Reading was confined to religious institutions and to the religious leaders only. However, with the advent of printing, it was found that the people were interested to read and write perticularly with those who did not live with or near them. Development of printing has made it probable for us to use of capability to read, as books on hundreds of various subjects, magazines and newspapers are published at prices, which are within most of our reach. Before printing was invented, people had less information and knowledge about their country. This made them ignorant and understanding and communication between people was almost absent. The situation is pretty different today, as we have access to printed books, magazines and newspapers. The invention of printing has therefore aided in the movement to spread knowledge among the many.

Printing was initially invented in China. Printing china was not an easy and swift process. Rather, it took several years, rather decades to bring in this enhanced idea of printing. From the skin of the barks of trees, where the letters were put in by pasting them with a paste, printing moved to clay tablets, where clay tablets were dries in ovens after writing the required things;till when finally
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brought in thin papers were brought in. Matters are completely changed now. Printing has become so advanced technologically, that it is now almost a casual affair of today.
Printing press has since then contributed enormously to various movements in the world history. Renaissance was the first movement which witnessed the effect of the printing press. People were able to express their thoughts, ideas and people became more aware of the social and economical conditions in the world. New discoveries were made, inventions of new lands were launched and people were able to know about them. The thoughts and ideas of people got enlarged.They became more broad minded and were now much known to the changing spheres of the world.The first use of
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was made in the world forum to print books, these books played a great role also in the Nationalist movement in India. The zeal of fighting for the country was taken to the minds and hearts of the citizens through the several writings of novels, poems and biographies of the leaders. The social position of women in the then society was brought to people and women were encouraged to get educated and live for themselves. Society could have never been upgraded to what it stands today unless the printing media was invented.

From these early world changing events till today, printing has done a great deal in educating the society about what it actually is. Life of the people and the condition of the world had not been the same if the printing mechanism was not brought in. it had definitely changed the world completely from what it actually had been.

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