The Private health insurance is the fastest way to access for any medical care, as the available NHS are not sufficient for all types of treatments, the unknown diseases and the available infrastructure at the NHS is not adequate for specific treatments. Therefore the patients have now started to settle in for the private health care centers that get covered in their private medical insurance. While few may debate that private health care units are expensive, but not so when the person is covered under the Private health insurance scheme. To meet such exorbitant treatments, it is the best way to purchase a private medical insurance and feel free for the entire life. The accumulation of large number of patients makes it impossible for the NHS to provide proper treatment for many patients, and hence providing prompt medical treatment has almost become impossible under the NHS. The people have now found an alternative and best solution with the private health care units. The patients now need not wait in the long queues for their turn to come or pay heavy bills for their smallest ailment. It has many merits to its credit over the NHS. Few of its advantages are:

1. High quality medical service and treatment: When the patient is covered under the private medical insurance, the patient can have faster accessibility and take any emergency treatment, whenever there is a necessity. In simple words, instant treatment is provided for the emergency cases, and they needn’t wait for days to get treated. The treatment provided is of superior quality and if at all any need arises, they will be given immediate treatment overcoming the long queue. When such a privilege is offered, it builds confidence in the mind of the patient as he/she needn’t worry about what will happen.

2. Diagnostic test: The other advantage with this medical health scheme is that the patient will have the accessibility to all sorts of diagnosis and sophisticated tests. This will enable the doctors to know their patients critical state or any other thing that is concerning the patient. When there is proper diagnosis, the doctor can provide the appropriate treatment at the correct time, whereas this is not possible with the NHS. This test will avoid the patient’s condition from becoming fatal.

3. Privatized care: All the patients covered with the private medical insurance will be given a private care and attention. They will be eligible for a private room with facilities like the television, radio and this surrounding will make the patient feel at home and pleasant.

4. Extended treatment/care: Under this scheme, the patient will have the advantage of a continued and extended treatment till they get better. They will be given the same treatment from day one till they leave, this will ensure a safety and guarantee for the patient and will help in healing them soon.

5. Right to select: The patients here are at the liberty to choose their own consultants. They can choose the hospital and the consultant with whom they are comfortable and relaxed. When the patient has opted for some high premium scheme, they will have wider choices to opt from.

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This article is written by Robin Smith who is an expert financial advisor. He has written several articles on private health insurance.