A famous philosopher once said that to topple any great nation, one does not need a great army, smart and well executable military strategies. These may result in defeating that nation but not permanently if one has to destroy them completely then to achieve one has to lower the quality of the education in that country systematically.

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Though that was told in a hypothetical sense, it teaches us an important lesson that Education of a nation plays an important part in nation building and if the children are not taught properly, then it reflects badly on the state.

In context to India, the education system is riddled with problems, and all children are not getting the all rounded quality education that they deserve and this is causing problems for them, and new and creative solutions for this problem are emerging daily.

One such solution is Genext Students which is an online platform started by Ali Asgar Kagzi (Co-founder), Asad Daud (Co-founder) and is based in Mumbai, India. It is a hybrid tutoring platform, with technology-enabled learning and in-person tutoring to impart the better quality of education that facilitates interaction between tutors and the students directly.

Some of its features resonate deeply with both students as well as tutors.

Its system is as follows wherein the tutor markets himself on the platform. After careful scrutiny and verification by the company, they get listed on the platform.

Parents can choose their desired tutor from the listed number of tutors on the company's website for their children, and then they can select from various options and get a free demo, and if satisfied they can hire a tutor.

It is a good transparent process adopted by Gennext Students which is both beneficial to the students as well as Tutors.

In conclusion, it is an emerging platform and is using disrupting technologies to change the educational landscape of the nation.

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We are India's 1st Hybrid Tutoring Platform combining the best of private tutoring with technology enabled learning for CBSE, ICSE, International & State Boards. Conceptualized by the cousin-duo Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, Genext Students one-of-its-kind platform that brings quality home tutors along with proprietary content (online & offline) to the doorstep of needy parents/students using technology as a key driver.