There used to be a time, when there was no facebook timeline shit, people were not that big of idiots to mention each and every detail of their miserable lives on the internet, there were no CCTV cameras, and you couldn’t break into the wifi services, as in the movies these days, to pry on to people’s whereabouts and their personal details. So whenever you were to find out if your spouse was cheating on you, or the reputation of a guy you are going in business with, or whether your new would-be tenants are good people, you had to get hold of a private investigators, also known as PI or private eye. To this day, the services of certain PI go on. You do not have to go to a certain 221B Baker Street, to find one for yourself, they are probably listed in the yellow pages, or what now we guys call Google.

If you have seen the TV series, Leverage, the team that free lances for people solving their problems and falling for their sob story, the real life private investigators are different. First off, no one works for free, secondly, they do not have that much money to pull off such costly stunts,and thirdly, they are not allowed to break the law either. What they can help you with is, gather information, by looking into places you don’t know of. And then as this is like a full day job for them, they can indeed go after your lying bastard of a husband all day along and camp in cars and use night vision goggles to capture pictures of him with his faithfully. Believe me,it is not impressive as has been portrayed in media these days, if u had that much time and that much experience at your hands of peeking into people’s dirty laundry, you would be able to do that good too. What part of private investigators portrayed in the TV might be true is the presence of goons in their offices, or in other words, bouncers.

They act like jinx repeller, to ward off the people with bad intentions, which usually are the ones, the private investigators get in business with, somehow or another. There are certain detectives who find it hard to find a client day to day, so they attach themselves with a certain government agency such as police or local crime investigation departments, but then again, this depends on the skill level of that particular private investigator. Of the fictional characters, we find that Sherlock Holmes was supposedly the best detective or private investigators, with his sidekick, Dr. Watson. All this discussion finally leads to the point that how do you make yourself safe from such P-eyes. And in this regard I would just advise you to limit the information you make public to others with really stringent boundaries when it comes to complete strangers.

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