At the shallower end of the pool, scuba diving and snorkeling may be fine; however, a private submarine would be required to get up close and personal with the bottom of the ocean. Private submarine is moving deeper into the realm of ocean as industry makes inroads in natural gas exploration and deep sea oil, open sea fish farming and seabed mining.  A private submarine is privately constructed and funded aimed for recreational purpose. However, a few are used for scientific purposes.

Private submarines have over the years empowered people to explore the depths of marine world. The most unique aspect of submarine is its stealth. Apart from gaining access to areas denied to traditional ships or aircraft, submarines can operate at long ranges for weeks carrying payload of sensors and specialist personnel.

Investments in the private submarines market has led to the emergence of sophisticated submarines in the overall sector. Some of the scintillating submarines meant for private purpose are delineated here:

  • SEAmagine: SEAmagine has tremendous capability of diving to the depths of 1,500 meter which has made it popular among aquatic enthusiasts. SEAmagine offers a range of different models ranging from two seater to six seater alternatives. These scintillating models awe-struck passengers with its marvelous-looking circular glasshouse, thereby providing incredible panorama when under the water.
  • EGO-Compact Semi-Submarine: This submarine is mostly meant for claustrophobic people which offers a window-clad pod that sits below the water and a catamaran-like deck that sits above it, providing opportunity to soak into the marvel sights below the surface.
  • Deepflight dragon: Buttressed by the quad directional propellers, the deepflight dragon can hover in the same spot and at the same time aerofoils on the front and back succor it to look similar to a striking cross between an F1 car and an oversized drone. The deepfligt dragon has two domed portholes to allow passengers to get personal and up close with the underwater life.
  • Seabreacher X: Having an aerodynamic canopy and streamlined shape, the Seabreacher X is not different in appearance froom mini jet fighter with fins like shark to petrify unsuspecting swimmers along with a 260hp engine which aids it to jump out of the water when passengers get bored of navigation under the surface.
  • Triton Project Neptune: The partnership between Triton submarines and famed British car marque Aston Martin resulted in project Neptune. Project Neptune is meant to be of limited edition model offering a bulbous cabin for panoramic views and a compact, sleek multihull silhouette for incredible speed, unparalleled style and luxury with the dive of 500 meter.

People are enthralled with submarines as humans are lured to explore unfamiliar hostile ambience.  Arthur C. Clarke, a sci-fi writer once stated that anyone going underwater becomes an amateur scientist. Owing to sophisticated technology, people in great numbers will have the privilege to hop inside a tiny sub.

Composite Materials Come Up with New Possibilities

Given water causes metal to corrode it does not augur well with the metal submarines as new building materials look to replace old-style metal. The Dragon’s pressure hull is made with a proprietary composite material which was designed to resist the pressure of ocean diving.

The underwater craft, the Scubster is constructed of carbon fiber material, however, it only dives around 20 feet. The Scubster can be found in models propelled with electric motor and pedals. The maximum speed it can attain is 5 miles per hour. DeepFlight Dragon can dive to about 400 feet and has a top speed similar to that of the Scubster.

Aquatica Submarines Team Up with Co-founder of Ocean Unite to Augment Private Submarine Technology

Private submarines, discrete from submersibles used for scientific research, are vanishingly rare. The hull form and traditional size of submarine is propelled by their need to carry sensors, armaments and a crew to operate them. Private and scientific submersibles are indifferent to crabs with bulbous heads.

Personal submarine technology is not new to superyacht owners and as private submarine technology develops, British Columbia-based Aquatica Submarines teamed up with the co-founder of Ocean Unite and founder of Virgin Group Founder and philanthropist, Richard Branson and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau.

A team of scientists, explorers and filmmakers were enlisted by Aquatica aimed at collating scientific data and prioritizing an absolute sonar scan of the interior. The plans are there to live stream from the bottom of the blue hole. The Blue hole, situated in the core of lighthouse reef off the coast of Belize, is a massive giant marine sinkhole which is 1,043 feet in diameter and 407 feet deep. The blue hole is under the aegis of larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization designated World Heritage Site.


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