From her first released Marathi blockbuster Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi to the latest sports drama Chal Dhar Pakad, Priya Berde has portrayed versatile roles on-screen. Her bold presence is what gives an edge to every character she has played.

The following interview with Priya Berde and Insights Success a business solutions magazine gives you a sneak peek of her behind-the-screen persona. Keep on reading to know about her journey in Marathi cinema, her views on how women can manage work-life balance, and about the biopic of legendary actor Laxmikant Berde.

What was your inspiration behind becoming an actor?

I entered the industry as a dubbing artist at the age of eight. I was fortunate to be nourished and nurtured as an artist in the presence of industry veterans at an early age. My father Arun Karnataki was a director, and my mother Lata Arun was a legendary theatre artist. Coming from a family of legends such as Bhalji Pendharkar and V. Shantaram was a blessing and a huge responsibility at the same time. And the audience and my fans have played a huge part in me maintain that family legacy and continue to live my passion for the cinema for over 40 years.

With the hectic schedule of shooting how have you been maintaining the work-life balance?

After I got married and had kids I chose to stay back at home. But after my husband and actor Laxmikant Berde’s unfortunate demise I decided to return to work. At that time Director Kedar Shinde was making a film Jatra and he asked me if I was interested in playing a role in it, and I said yes. That’s how I returned to Marathi cinema and started the second innings of my career.

Please share your future projects with us. Where would your fans get to see you next?

I am at a stage in my career when I would rather choose a role that is in my comfort zone. And the character I am playing in my next play was something I have aspired to do in theatre for a long.

What advice would you give to the aspiring Marathi actors?

Due to the reality shows and social media, young aspirants are getting early recognition and opportunities to show their talent. But it’s the experience and technique along with talent that nurtures the artist within. So, I would advise aspiring actors to get as much experience as they can before they leap to enter the film industry. Try taking part in college-level competitions, ad films, or any other mediums where you get experience and learn techniques.

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