Marathi theatre has always been accounted for its most culturally rich theatre traditions in the country. Marathi theatre had been exclusively represented by the folk forms for ages and since then it has unfolded and evolved into various successful movies with interesting stories and scripts. The first movie that was ever made in India was in Marathi – Raja Harishchandra which was made by Dadashaheb Phalke in 1913.

Priyadarshan Jadhav – Actor, Director, and Screenwriter is an acclaimed personality in the Marathi film industry. Inclined at an early age into acting, he stepped into D. G. Ruparel College to become a proficient artist. Well-known for his roles in Timepass 2 as Dagadu, along with screenplay writer for Timepass, Priyadarshan received huge applause from the audience and the Marathi industry.

Here are the highlights from the interview where Priyadarshan and Insights Success a business magazines india has taken us through the journey towards becoming a skilled performer.

Brief us about your professional journey in the Marathi Entertainment industry

I came to Mumbai in 1997 and joined D. G. Ruparel College to gain expertise in theatrical performance. It’s the college where I initially received admiration on my talent that I have the caliber to act and the potential to work in showbiz. Primarily I was doing lights, background music, and sets; and therefore getting praised for my work in college plays was like an achievement for a small-town boy who stepped his foot in the terrene of entertainment.

Throughout your professional journey, what kind of challenges have you faced?

Being an actor, writer, and director, I have gone through a lot of challenges and my biggest hardship was to crack the first movie that I have directed with a minimal budget. With changing lifestyles and technology, it’s challenging to make the audience stay with the stories and characters.

What do you think about making thrilling Horror Movies in Marathi?

Our culture is more curved towards plays and theatre as compared to movies and despite being a profitable genre, horror movies are among the highest-risk group with a budget that is expensive to work with. The elements and effects required in making a horror movie are sky-high which makes it unsustainable to craft a movie within a desired budget.

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