Many of you are entirely aware of the term prize bond! You can also call a prize bond of the type of lottery bond that has been supervised by the National Savings of Pakistan. The Ministry of Finance oversees it. We can call it as the bearer type form of investment security, which will not be giving any profit or even the premium. It is available in a different set of denominations.

Types of Prize Bond Denominations

It is available for you in different denominations in which we have Rs. 100, plus Rs. 200, and Rs. 750, plus Rs. 1500, or even Rs. 7500, plus Rs. 15,000. You can also get the denominations of Rs. 25000, or Rs. 40,000, and also Rs. 40000 Premium set of Bonds. The winners of the bonds are announced all through the process of a lucky draw system. The method of the winner's declaration is conducted in every single city of Pakistan, which is maximum 36 times on an annual basis.

Who will Issue Prize Bonds in Pakistan?

In simple terms, we will be mentioning a prize bond being a form of lottery bond that has been introduced by National Savings Pakistan under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. It has happened issued on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. You will witness that a proper series is classified when it comes to releasing the prize bonds.

Those people who have applied to the prize bond for the first time are a lot interested in the schedule to learn. The schedule of a prize bond is carried out in the form of a lottery. It is carried out the first week of every starting month or even in the middle of the month. Every single denomination does organize every quarter.

What is the process to claim the winning amount of Prize bond?

Now many of you want to know how you can claim the winning amount of your prize bonds. If you're going to claim the amount, you should, first of all, be feeling the application form and submit it along with the photocopy and with the valid CNIC. You also have to attach the original document of the prize bond that has been signed by the applicant.

The maximum amount of the prize bond is almost 80,000,000 that will be given away on the Premium amount of 40,000 Prize Bond. The other amount will be around 75,000,000 that will continue provided on the category of 40,000 Prize Bond. All the draws remain classified on the quarterly timeline. Any single person who is living in Pakistan or even outside Pakistan can buy the prize bonds by getting in touch with the registered dealer or even the scheduled bank.

You cannot buy the prize bond through the online system. You can visit any branch of the local bank or the center of the National Savings to purchase it. You can also buy it from State Bank centers. You should not be putting all your faith in any dealership or online website.

You can even get your prize bond list of guess papers by signing into the online website of the State Bank or the national savings. The guess papers will be giving you a piece of complete information about the old winning record of the prize bond to get an idea that what will be your winning chances on your acquired denomination.

Prize bond results will be displayed straight away on the particular announced newspaper or the website of the National Savings. You can visit the site to check your denomination results as they will move announced.

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