A city that hosts one of the world’s most important prizes, lends its name to a syndrome, has not one but two UNESCO World Heritage sites-The Royal Palace and The Woodland Cemetery- and was 1998’s European City of Culture, has plenty to offer anyone.

Cheap flights to Stockholm could leave you in the middle of some of the oldest streets in the world. Continue to meander through history and visit the 13th century Riddarholmskyrkan. Some of the biggest crowds are drawn to the National Museum, which at 30,000 pieces of art and more than 15,000 paintings, hosts the largest collection of art in the country. You could admire some surreal art by Salvador Dali and Picasso at The Museum of Modern Art. When you buy airline tickets to Stockholm, you can spend your money at some of the best international galleries and centers, like Brändström & Stene and Milliken Gallery. Or spend it all at the Stockholm Art Fair, four activity filled, pure and concentrated days of art and more art. Artists, gallery owners, students, visitors anyone associate in any capacity to art are present and the event is wildly popular and very well attended.

Flights to Stockholm are heavily booked around the time of the Re-Orientfestivalen, an annual festival that features artists from the far corners of the world. This four day festival offers food, clothes and craft, lectures and dances. If you are still in the mood for delicious fare, ensure you are here for the annual food event, ‘Taste of Stockholm’, with its wide array of mouth-watering delicacies.

Take in the best of theater the world has to offer at the Royal Dramatic Theater or the China Theater. You can also dance at the Modern Theater of Dance and music at the Peoples Opera or the Royal Swedish Opera. JetBlue Airways flights will let you celebrate the best of cinema at the Stockholm International Festival. A ten day event, the festival showcases the best of films in Scandinavia and attracts some very big names in the field of movie making.

Ensure you get some great flight deals so that you are in time for the many festivals the city plays host to. For instance, the Stockholm Pride, conducted each year in the last week of July, is the largest event of its kind in the Nordic countries and ends with a parade that almost equals the number of people that take part in and watch the parade. This event is not just famous for entertainment but is also for its debates and discussions.

If you enjoy music, make sure you pick up some JetBlue Airways flights tickets and take part in the Stockholm Jazz Festival. You will be treated to live world class music from musicians, old and new. What makes the deal even sweeter is the picturesque location of the event. And it is not just Jazz, you can enjoy blues and soul and a lot more.

How can we not discuss the Nobel Prizes and Nobel Day? Tickets to the banquet that the royal family attends later that evening are in hot demand and with some luck and cheap tickets to Stockholm you just might get lucky and enjoy some sumptuous fare and glittering celebrations. Nothing celebrates achievement quite like the Nobles do.

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