What is the Problem Solution Technique for MLM selling? Do you know to identify a potential customer that needs your Network Marketing product or service?

Would you like some insight on how important the “Problem Solution” approach is for success in any type of sales? That’s right, I said SALES. Whether you want to hear it or not, Network Marketing MLM is a sales position. Therefore, you better start understanding some of the top sales techniques or prepare to struggle.

In my opinion as an expert on sales training in multiple industries, the “Problem Solution Technique” is the most important skill you can use when building your Network Marketing Business. And here is why:

Next time you watch any TV commercial, or listen to a radio commercial, or read a billboard, start paying attention to what is happening. In most cases the approach they use to get you to buy their product or service is to talk about a problem and then offer their product or service as a solution.

• Problem: Loud Muffler
• Solution: New Muffler From XYZ Muffler
• Problem: Yellow Teeth
• Solution: Bright Smile Using ABC Teeth Whitener
• Problem: Credit Card Debt
• Solution: Eliminate Debt With PDQ Debt Company

I bet that now you can think of a hundred different commercials you’ve seen in the past, right? Exactly! Most products sold today are a solution to someone’s problem. And that includes anything you promote in Network Marketing or MLM.

So instead of forcing your product or business opportunity onto people, you should perfect your listening skills. People all around you every day are constantly jabbering on about all the problems they have in every aspect of their life. Want to benefit from all that complaining? START LISTENING!

When people first join Network Marketing the first thing most leaders tell them is to make a list of everyone they know and go force your product and business on them. Well, what if you tried that and it didn’t work? What if you did that with a different MLM company in the past and you’ve used up all your contacts? The Solution Problem Technique is just one of many solutions to that issue. The Solution Problem Technique allows you to find potential customers and potential recruits all around you every single day.

For instance, just the other day I overheard a conversation where one person said “I like the convenience of a meal replacement shake, but I just can’t afford them.”

Right away my listening skills jumped into action and I heard “PROBLEM!” This is what you need to learn to do naturally. Once you start listening, you can take action and build your business every single day.

Offering a solution is as easy as this example: The solution I offered went like this….“Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing that you like the convenience of meal replacement shakes, but they can be kind of expensive. I know what you mean, they can be pricy. And if I may offer a solution, I show people how they can get their meal replacement shakes for free. Would you like to some information?”

Now, how do you think that person might respond to my offer? Think they might say “TELL ME MORE!”? Most people would respond positively because a solution to their problem was offered. This powerful technique is easy to learn, easy to master, and it will get you more customers than you can handle if it’s done right.

Stop walking up to people and asking them if they would like to buy what you’re selling. Instead, start offering a solution to their problems. Begin by making a list of the problems and solutions associated with your product or service. Begin by separating your product or service into 2 categories.

1) Problem/solution scenarios related to your product for getting customers
2) Problem/solution scenarios related to your product for recruiting into your business

Still wondering if you need skills to be successful in Network Marketing? The fact is, trying to grow your business without the proper skills is like trying to push a rope (try it once). Look for a Master Networker who can help you succeed in business.

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