It takes new thought to solve a problem. To solve a problem, you can not use the same mind as your former self. In order to solve problems you have to think outside the box and expect change. If you have a repetitive problem that just keeps showing up in your life you have to think differently in order to solve it for good. So how do you go about thinking differently?

Begin to see the problem solved instead of seeing the problem. Envision that the solution is there and no more problem. If you focus on the problem you will have more problems to try and solve. When you focus on the solution you will have more solutions for your problems. Thinking differently takes you and only you. It is the perceptions of others that you need to get away from. There's nothing wrong with asking for advice as long as you feel the advice is for you. Their advice could be part of the answer as your solution. It is when you announce to the world, "I have a problem. I have a problem" and don't focus on a solutions is when trouble ensues. By focusing on a solution even if you don't know the solution as of yet, you are emitting out vibrations of solution and the Universe will begin to work on bringing solutions to you.

When you're able to get out of the limited box of what you 'think' the Universe can bring you many conventional and unconventional ways to the solution. Just be aware of what the Universe is sending to you. When you are able to make that shift you become a different person with answers. You are no longer the same person with the problem but a new person with solutions.

When you become that new person who opened up to unlimited possibilities in a solution, you have shed more light on your own inner being and learned something new. Everyday we grow within as a spiritual being and solving problems through solution visualizing will be another tool for you to begin to use as you continue your path on the Law of Attraction. Each day is full of solutions and when you become aware of where to put your focus you will begin to see only solutions just as it should be.

Start attracting solutions into your life by focusing on the answer and not on the question and as you focus on the answer you will be sending out vibrations that the Universe will match and will bring straight back to you in the form of solutions. Finding answers can be just that easy as you focus, trust, and release it all to the Universe to bring you an answer you may have never thought of.

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