If you’ve always allowed everybody to influence your judgment about the function that ‘procrastination’ has in your life, I’m sure you’d have already decided (and probably long time ago) that ‘in fact’, that is indeed a very bad word…

Or it isn’t?

‘Procrastination’ could sometimes be compared to your family pet... How many times has he being ‘accused’ of something just because it cannot defend itself?

Our current state of mind it’s rapidly changing. You can observe this everywhere you look. Many people are starting to realize that not all it’s what it seems, and allowing themselves to ‘change their mind’ about the way they’ve have used to think about things; opening a new spectrum of possibilities where they did not existed before, and thus accomplishing also new results by doing so.

Now it’s time to shine a new light on this word that has being getting such a ‘bad rap’, sometimes unnecessarily.

If you see yourself as an entity separated from everything else it’s reasonable to understand why procrastination has always being indulged with such a bad judgment, even from people that we would consider with greater wisdom than the majority.

Science now is beginning to acknowledge that we’re not separated from anything but rather ‘entangled’ with everything else in an ocean of invisible energy that it’s interconnected at a sub-atomic level that our physical senses cannot perceive, but can feel anyways.

In this higher perception our five physical senses become distorted and no longer serve us the way they usually do. This also explains how we can subliminally perceive a specific type of energy within a room upon entering in it.

Our minds would use expressions as: ‘We could cut the air with a knife’, to describe the level of tension in a room filled with people discussing important matters. But how do we know this? Undoubtedly, there is no way we could ‘see’ it as we would normally perceive anything else, but we'd say that we’ve just ‘felt it’; it’s something we know to be true.

Why would you think that ‘procrastination’ is any different?

It is not.

Procrastination is the common term we’d use to describe the awareness or ‘feelings’ we subconsciously perceive telling us that ‘the right energy frequency required to achieve our desire outcome it’s not yet present’; that is why we ‘feel’ we still need to wait a little longer. This has nothing to do with you being ‘lazy', but instead keenly aware.

Here’s usually where the mind intervenes, creating negative judgments and assumptions on something to which has really no way to understand, creating a whole drama and discomfort around the subject where it shouldn’t be any other than the understanding and acceptance of one’s greater sense awareness.

Most of the times, forcing ourselves to take action when we’re not inspired, clear or prepared to do so can lead us to ‘delay’ the reaching of our intended goal even more by taking the inappropriate action.

Besides this, procrastination it’s also making us aware of internal resistance possible related with some limiting beliefs or fears within ourselves that we’ll still need to work on and heal before we’re able to keep moving forward.

The way you can deal with this internal resistance and limiting beliefs are varied and none of them correspond with the subject of this short article, but you could make a quick online research to find the most adequate solution for your individual case.

Procrastination it’s just a tool we have at our disposal to help us become aware of what’s going on within ourselves to motivate us to find the necessary resource to move forward with our lives toward our desired goals and aspirations.

Don’t be afraid of it, nor criticize it unnecessarily; better still, learn to understand its grand use, its function to your growth and evolution. Once you do the work you’ve been ‘procrastinating’ about, this hesitant feeling will leave you in peace toward your grandest dreams.

Enjoy the journey!

Author's Bio: 

Adrian A. Boniardi is an Awakening Life coach. He has been involved with scuba diving for twenty five years and he is also the founder of 'Meditar, Underwater Meditation', being this the first time that the underwater world and the practice of meditation are combined in this way.

Adrian can be reached at meditar@underwatermeditation.com or through his personal Facebook page.