We've all done it; put off something very important. Sometimes the more important the thing is, the more issues that come up around "just doing" it. It's so easy to find all kinds of things that feel more urgent and more important. But are they really more important?

Some important tasks are also urgent; your house will burn down if you don't do it. Bills need to get paid and deadlines need to be met.

Others are not important but can feel urgent; certain meetings and e-mails. However, the tasks that we procrastinate are not urgent but are greatly important.

When an important task doesn't seem to have that urgent feeling, it is easy to put it off and put it off, until it can become an unpleasant task that you feel guilty about whenever it comes to mind. Sound familiar?

Here are some of the "real" reasons why people procrastinate doing the important, but not urgent tasks.

• Brings up fear.

• Don't know how to do it feeling.

• Makes me feel uncomfortable.

• Afraid of making a bad decision.

• Makes me have to look at stuff I don't like.

• Shame

• Not fun.

• More of your own...

We all have the ability to drop into thinking error mode when confronted with the above list. One thinking error is called rationalizing. When you don't want to do something important, your mind will rationalize a million reasons why its ok to not do it. "I don't have time, I need to take a nap, these e-mails have to be read," are just a few. I am sure you can make a whole list of your favorites.

Stephen Covey calls this category, not urgent and not important. This is the place where procrastination thrives. It is where we waste the most energy doing stuff that is really useless and an energy drain.

Real recreation does not come into this category.
Taking a walk can very well be in the important category.
Exercise keeps you healthy and walking in the park is often dream time. Surfing the internet, watching TV, doodling are usually unimportant and doing those things keep you from doing what is most important.

What makes something so important anyway?
Here are a couple questions that can help you to make an
assessment of whether something you are avoiding is in fact,

1. Does this task hold great significance and would it make a
crucial difference in your life plans?

2. Will it matter in the long run?

3. Will it effect pivotal future decisions?

4. Is it somehow related to your deep purpose, goals and dreams?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions than your task is in the "important" category.

In summary, if you want to grow your business, sometimes goal-setting,visioning and doing strategic planning will bring up all kinds of self-doubts and fears, but it will also offer the most valuable place to put your energy.

For just one week do these three things.

1. Notice how many times you find yourself doing stuff that's a waste of your energy.

2. Be aware of your tendency to rationalize.

3. Transform that into fuel to do the important tasks that you have been avoiding.

You will be amazed at what happens when you decide to consciously make time to stand back and look at your business.

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Kaya Singer , Awakening Business Solutions. Helping business owners clear their focus and grow their business.
Author of Unleashing the Spirit of Your Business and Change Your Prosperity Imprint in 21 days www.prosperityimprint.com http://www.awakeningbusiness.com