Business owners and employees must be pumped repeatedly for business success. Just like your car needs gas repeatedly so does your mental health and body. The benefits are you are able to provide better service, be more productive, and your work actually gives you energy.

So, a typical day may be you go to work, then the gym, home for dinner, and relaxation. After going to work do you think and feel rewarded? If no, you’ll just be going through the motions and probably will be worn out. How about after a workout? Are you drained or do you think and feel rewarded afterward to tune your body and mind? You come home and dinner becomes a chore instead of refueling through nutrition and checking in on the family. Then, because you’re in a fog when you relax it doesn’t feel relaxing and fun. Most likely your brain circuits are over processed.

The reason work becomes boring is because we fail to find the variety even though we are doing something for the hundredth time. The mindset needed is to realize this is most likely customizable for clients and each day we must learn how to grow a skill or add a piece of intelligence that produces an endorphin like effect. If you’re swamping yourself with learning, it will be more difficult for you to learn and like learning because our brain can only handle so much. That’s why when you hear a professional speaker, watch a TV show, or play a sport you or the person actually doing the work can only take so much of content without motivation, inspiration, and humor, the chase scene needs to end because our adrenaline can stay up for only so long, or sloppy play needs corrected because we know they can do better when given the right coaching.

So, how do we relieve going through motions, being worn out, drained, or feeling chores are unproductive?

The key principle is to change our mindset, pattern of thinking, by producing endorphins. Since your mindset controls your mood you will also be in a better mood and since mood has a relationship with subconscious you will be more fluid.

There are three ways to produce endorphins:

1. Of course, most of us know exercise produces endorphins. What a lot of us don’t know based on what I see at the gym is our body needs variety. By doing the same exercises and number of sets day to day our brain and body gets bored. To relieve this replace an old exercise with a new one. Or, learn how to raise your intelligence on doing a specific exercise better. How about doing some form of exercise seven days a week? Take a walk, yoga, lift weights, play tennis, basketball, soccer, kickball, football, softball, cricket, golf, run, hike, or do jumping jacks. You'll feel and think better.

2. By simply smiling as a reward to yourself when you’ve done something well. Smiling produces endorphins. Just don’t smile when it doesn’t make sense to smile.

3. Humor produces endorphins. It’s not the act of laughter that produces the endorphins it’s the actual mental stimulation in processing the humor that produces endorphins with a smile and chuckle. A joke is mostly for a person’s own relief and it may backfire.

Try these during the day with the actual thought processes needed and right body language to keep you refreshed, like relaxation, and enjoying your work, exercise, and home life. You’ll have more business success and see life as fun. Live it.

Author's Bio: 

Raj works with organizations that want more productivity and profitability by improving their mindset, mood, and motivation. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Contact him at 404.918.7366, or visit for more information.