Producer Shop is a new platform for music producers, vocalists, DJs and filmmakers looking for background music for videos.

Browse & Download Royalty Free Samples for Music, Soundbanks, Construction Kits, MIDI Loops, DAW Templates and Instrumental songs. Our Products are Ideal for Creating Background Music For Videos.

All products have been created by the best Sound Designers. If you are looking for music samples for your songs, this is the perfect place for you. New on our platform is the ability to download individual sounds and loops. If you are a beat maker, this option is simply the best for you! You’ll find music samples that are right for you.

The store also offers professional instrumental songs, DAW templates, Soundbanks and free video tutorials.

Premium courses are new to the offer. The first such "MasterClass" course was led by ReOrder, a popular trance music producer.The online version of the course MasterClass series is available only in

In the near future, a subscription and download system for single loops will be added, as well as innovative solutions available only on the Producer Shop platform.

The platform will offer an easy-to-use library, divided into categories by genre, type, key and artist. Sounds and loops can be downloaded in WAV or ZIP format from a browser or mobile device. The downloaded file is yours and you will not be charged for the next download of the same file.

Monthly subscription plans operate on credits, with each sound costing one credit.

We are the first to start selling single presets for popular Vst instruments such as sylenth1, serum, massive, spire and much more. Now you will be able to not only download your favorite music loops, but also individual sounds.

The subscription system is currently the most popular way to download music sounds. You can download exactly what you need whenever you want.

You can subscribe to our newsletter. We send special offers to our subscribers. Up to -90%.

Every Friday there is a “Happy Hour” sale. It is worth checking out this event with discounts reaching up to 70% off regular.

Those on a small budget should check out the Free Sample Packs section on the website.

Producer Shop’s products are recommendations by electronic music artists such as Skytech, ReOrder, Richard Durand, Dj Kuba & Neitan, Diviners and more.

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In our store you can collect loyalty points. Points are calculated in proportion to the price of the product. The number of collected points is visible in the customer’s panel. Points add up. Thanks to this you can get up to 50% discount on any product. Soon we are also introducing an innovative motivation system for sellers, it is the only such system in the world.

This is a special prize for the best seller in our store. It will be awarded after each calendar year. It is a real gold disc. It will contain the name and logo of your company. We are happy that we can reward your hard work in such a way.

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Prototype Samples delivers high quality samples by top Electronic Dance Music stars. We are experienced sound engineers from the United States of America