When working online there are certain product claims you need to avoid since they present unrealistic expectations! Whether you are looking to make a purchase to help make you more successful marketing online or are making product offers yourself certain 'claims' are misleading!

Here are 3 common claims many product offers tend to make that focus more on the wishful thinking of buyers and not the actual product performance!

No Overnight Riches

Making product offers that indicate and/or promise overnight riches is downright irresponsible, unethical and therefore deceitful! Advertising in this way plays to the emotions and hopes of your customers and unfortunately leaves them disappointed! If there was a tool, software or business blueprint that could deliver on these promises than a lot more people would be successful marketing online! This plays directly into the mindset of 'immediate gratification' which is fairly prevalent in our society today!

No Effort Involved - False

Another sales strategy many marketers use is to emphasize how little effort you'll need to invest if you purchase what they offer! The FACT of the matter is that at the very best these product offers can HELP you build a business or earn an income but your effort will always be needed to make it work! For the most part people buy into these unrealistic expectations due primarily to the fact they are either lazy or not motivated! In either case if you fit into either of these categories you'll likely have little success working online!

Multiple Streams of Income

The problem with this 'claim' is in most cases your 'success' is supposedly automated which again indicates little or no effort on your part! Remember to be successful marketing on the internet you MUST convince or persuade people to make a purchase, and to do so with you! This calls for being persuasive and persistent but in a subtle way! Do you know of any products that have the ability to interact with people in a way that will result in a sale? I can't think of one either which is why these type of claims create unrealistic expectations on the part of the person who made the purchase!

Many product claims commonly used on the internet, especially those that target online businesses, tend to convey unrealistic expectations! Many product offers make use of outrageous claims as to what the buyer can expect which is what compels these people to make the purchase! Even other internet entrepreneurs will buy something in hopes it will make them more successful marketing online! The reality is that NO product is the 'secret' silver bullet that will make any business a success! Success earned online comes from the efforts of the individual marketers and not magical products that 'do it all' for you! The 3 common claims discussed above are merely examples some unethical merchants may use to persuade others to spend their money! The bottom line is perhaps cultivating unrealistic expectations when advertising may get you the sale, but it will only hinder your long term success!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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