When offshore manufacturing is very common, and maximum products are available internationally, supply chain perceptibility is the leading challenge for any product manufacturing business. Employing product serialization helps manufacturers in handling their supply chain proficiently. Product serialization is required for pharmaceutical products. There are precise strategies to serialize the pharmaceutical merchandises, and these strategies may differ from country to country. Product serialization is the procedure of allocating a unique identity to each marketable product item. This individuality can be assigned by pinning a unique code on each product item, usually in the form of a QR code or NFC. Nowadays because of smartphone perception, serialization not only reliefs in supply chain visibility but also benefits in consumer commitment and reliability.
Once your products have serialized, you can categorize each product article and track its voyage with the help of its allotted code using a serialization software platform.
Here in this article, we will learn about product serialization and its benefits.
Benefits of Product Serialization
Product serialization is the base to permit digital proficiencies in physical products. Here are the few benefits of product serialization.
• Supply chain perceptibility
The procedure of tracking products by batches has been around in many businesses for a while now. However, product serialization takes this procedure a step more, letting brands to track each product item through distinctive codes assigned to them.
• Avoid deviation
Product Deviation happens when product stock is planned to be sold in a specific supply channel that has moved to another without the familiarity or permission of the primary seller. Product deviation has become the main worry for many businesses these days. A deviation can be efficiently prohibited with the help of Product serialization.
• User reliability program and digital re-commitment advertising
Allocating a unique identity to products also unlocks a new channel for brand reliability and marketing. Users can join in reliability programs by scanning product codes and giving their contact information, self-governing of sales channels. Reliability programs help in growing consumer commitment and retention. As the commitment becomes very modest and instinctive, the transformation rate of these programs is very extraordinary.
Brands can deliver significant marketing messages when consumers scan the code, this comforts in consumer training and prompting them to buy your products over competitors at the time of choice building.
• Effective and rapid product recall
After keeping worth control drafts in place, it is impossible to sidestep the situations when product recall becomes essential. Any postponement in product recall may cause severe damage to a brand’s status and profits. Serialization can also aid in rapid product recalls. As with the right serialization expertise, brands know the thorough status of their product objects and in which supply channel the products are. This data helps in rapidly recalling the products and governing the harm to the brand.
• Anti-counterfeiting
Counterfeiting is growing at a shocking rate, and most of the brands are struggling with this difficultly. Counterfeiters sell low-class products as original products, harm the brand image, and obstruct the profits. Brands can battle the imitating by serializing their products and applying strong anti-counterfeiting technology. A strong anti-counterfeiting technology indicates any efforts of replicating the product codes and immediately reports the brands.
• Product enactment evaluation
Product serialization makes each product exceptionally identifiable; it helps in evaluating the product enactment more precisely. If the serialization code has put in a set-up that even the end-user can cooperate with the efficient brand, then brands can trace the product voyage until the last of the user. They can gather crucial product data at each stage of the supply chain and use it to evaluate the performance of the product.
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