According to Statista 2018 survey, productivity applications are installed on 76% of all smartphones and tablets, while games are installed only on 64% of devices. Such high index is based on time-saving features of these applications. If you are still out of the productive users' circle, it’s time to start looking for options that match your needs.

FrostWire. Download Content Without Procrastination

If you are one of 24% users who doesn’t use productivity apps, you may also be the one of 20% (University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business 2018 survey) of the population who suffers from chronic procrastination. FrostWire is a free cross-platform torrent client that allows you to download massive files and archives without speed limitations.

You can search files through the integrated torrent browser, preview files, and pick only the necessary ones before starting downloading. Besides, you can stream videos and listen to music during the process thanks to the IPv6 and RSS readers. FrostWire also provides a media library with a convenient player, so you don’t have to switch between apps. All these features will save you hours during a year.

Toggl. Track The Time You Spend

Using Toggle, you can monitor and regulate the amount of time you spend on all tasks during the day. The 2018 research says that businesspeople and employees waste about 22 hours per week on unnecessary tasks or objectives that require less time than they spend on them. According to 2018 Employment Situation Summary, Americans normally spend about 35 hours per week on work. The lack of control leads to wasting of almost 50% weekly productivity.

With Toggle, you can create timelines for everything you have to do to view weekly reports and see where you could spend less time. This app will help you train to plan work, education, and leisure more logically.

Trello. Group Tasks To See Faster Ways

In the early 1940s, Taiichi Ohno, an Industrial Engineer, invented Kanban Boards for Toyota. Since then, this organization method has grown into the key point of millions of top managers’ approach around the world. Trello is a cross-platform app that is based on this system to allow you to create and follow idea-cards. You can see all the stages of every plan to brainstorm the best ways to complete groups of related tasks.

It’s also an excellent way to see correlations between multiple goals. This app is useful for both personal and corporate needs due to the wide range of task-management tools, and online collaboration options.

Never Stop Searching

The full list of time-saving productivity apps may include hundreds of titles. This short review is aimed to reveal the idea of the positive impact of mobile apps on our daily efficiency. Read more reviews to save your time on testing applications. Choose those that match your needs, and become more productive to reach your dream goals.

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