The following list of productivity tools keeps business running and increases performance:

1. Make sure your computer is working. A down computer wastes time. There are companies that service computers via the web 24×7.

2. Skype – make a video call via your computer Great way to connect and get a busy group of people on a conference (cuts down on travel).

3. Linkedin – make connections with people of interest When used right you can build a great business network.

4. – share your screen …on a conference call Makes it easier to see the right files.

5. Twitter – tell what you are doing, comment, share tips, post links I use it to send my Mindset, Mood, Motivation Tip.

6. Facebook – keep up with family and friends, post memorable pictures. I have a personal page and a business page.

7. Visio – flow a process Easy way to flow your sales and marketing process. If you haven’t done this, this will help tremendously and allow you to make changes as your business grows and new tools and suppliers are used.

8. – receive motivational fitness/health messages (athletic or Olympic) Play 60 the NFL campaign makes sense. Our bodies need movement, especially, if we have a sedentary lifestyle. Do a variety of fitness with some weights so you don’t get bored with it. It’ll help you sleep better.

9. Eating right Just might be what’s missing from you accomplishing your fitness goals.

10. Relaxation Many entrepreneurs and business owners have an issue with this. Just remember when you have a productive day to celebrate instead of trying to squeeze too much productivity out of it. On days when the productivity isn’t as great, recalibrate.

11. On work days: eat right, work, exercise/stretch, relaxation, good night’s sleep

12. Keep a notebook: easy way to know what was done, open items, what needs done, and keep track of ideas

13. Schedule: structure your day and have something to look forward to in the evening

14. Time important things: It’ll help you budget your time well.

What are your best productivity tools?

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Raj works with organizations that want more productivity and profitability by improving their mindset, mood, and motivation. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Visit and for more information.