With the advancement in technology and emerging Artificial Intelligence, reflecting some fear for the Jobs in many professions. In this article, we will discuss the type of jobs and profession that are safe and cannot be taken by AI in future.
Essentially, asking the question of, will AI ever replace B2B salespeople? In short, no. Fear that Artificial Intelligence Jobs are taken by machine in near future.

While AI has advanced to the point of accomplishing specific tasks with qualifying variables such as greet the customer, translate their responses, and book appointments for the salesperson, it's far from handling all the deal complexity, situational fluidity, and nuances of a B2B buyer-seller relationship.

For lead development and appointment setting sales reps (SDRs and LDRs), AI has certainly started to replace a lot of their repetitive tasks and even jump in as the sales rep in some cases. But, when it comes to B2B, it appears that smart programs just aren’t smart enough yet in terms of displacing strategic enterprise B2B sales experts.

I have also noticed in my research and consulting experience, that although AI has impacted the services area, it is minimally impacted the medical office space. Doctors continue to perform exams, and for privacy and human empathy reasons, my prediction is that these jobs will continue to be high touch and without AI or bot influence. Additionally, even if AI and robots
did permeate a physician's office space, delivering challenging medical news about someone's health, from an inanimate non-sentient being who cannot empathize with the patient, is simply incomprehensible and inhumane.

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Garage door repair can be very complicated. There are multiple levels of analysis, and the actual act of replacing broken parts on garage doors can quite technical, which would make it difficult for robots to replicate. The garage doors themselves may be automated, but the technicians repairing them will likely be humans as long as people have garages.

There are a variety of software programs like Effective that use bio metric feedback mechanisms, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and speech analytics to identify human emotional states. The idea is to use these currently available advances in monitoring human emotions to create “meeting involvement and efficiency” tools.
By non-evasively monitoring the emotional states of the meetings’ participants, a new service could be created that:
1) Rates the interest and emotional involvement of all the meeting participants,
2) Compares these results with other group meetings,
3) Encourages (and provides helpful suggestions) for the meeting organizer, leader, or meeting presenter to create better/more emotionally satisfying meetings for the participants.

Nor can AI further develop this preliminary idea into a testable concept and/or viable new business proposition worthy of further corporate investment or venture capital funding.

Simply put, both entities and their staff manage people-centered businesses that no machine can fully takeover. In the case of Red Beard Sailing, selling its boats often involves meeting potential customer in-person and going on a demo sail to test out the boat. People want to know who they’re buying from and try out a big purchase first (most of the company’s boats retail for thousands of dollars).

For Expressway Cinema Rentals, renting equipment to filmmakers and photographers also entails face-to-face interactions in order to understand projects’ backgrounds, purposes, and needs. Sure, people could just request a quote via their website, but doing so leaves out the intangible aspects of creating pieces of art - something that I doubt AI will be able to replicate for a while.

While AI is making exponential advances year after year, they don't provide the overall strategy needed to give the individual tasks. And while these can be huge time savers, the automation tools are just that: tools. Must Look for the Best Android Photo Editor App Best editing tool collections ever.

Following are the Human Characteristics that an AI can’t have.

1. Empathy and communication
2. Critical thinking
3. Creativity
4. Strategic mindset
5. Technological management, installation, and upkeep
6. Physical skills
7. Imagination and vision

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