ANDROID is designed as an operating system for mobile devices, which consists of kernel (Linux kernel) along with middle-ware, libraries and AP is written in C and application software running on an application framework.
In last couple of years, Android applications have emerged at a great pace. And thus the android application development will grow exponentially in popularity in future too. An expertise is required to develop a peerless android application.
The professional android application developer should be well acquainted with Google Android SDK. The developers team should be a dedicated one. They should have good knowledge about the resources and support extended by Android. These Android application developers should be capable enough to produce creative and quality products.

Reasons why should one opt for professional android application developer are:-
Android Application Projects are Cost-effective.
In this age of cost-cutting, this android applications proved out to be the best option since they are built in open source. There is huge demand for such type of applications and you can easily hire an android developer for a reasonable cost. All you need to invest in is development and testing costs.
Since it is built on java, it provides an unsurpassed stability.
Android Applications are Distributed Easily.
Android applications can be integrated easily.
Android is a linux based application, hence having Rich Development Environment and helps develop powerful apps.
Gives rich browser facilities to give enhanced services.
Android is an open platform and there are many dedicated Android application developers actively working on this platform.
Android is highly scalable, portable and android applications are easy to develop.
Since it is having Linux core, android have high stability and resists crashes.

Before developing an Android app, a professional android application developer should keep following points in mind:-

Conceptualization - android application developer should first think weather the app will be entertained by clients. Does that application will meet the current needs. Similar app should not be present in market.
Ease of use - android application developer should develop a user-friendly application. The cumbersome android applications are simply erased from the market or discarded by the users.
Actual development - A professional Android application developer designs apps that are flawless. Application should serve the actual purpose and should satisfy the consumers' demands.

Android is an emerging technology, the technology of the next generation. No money is required to avail its licenses to work on. Android is open source so you don't have to pay any license fee for its development. So Android applications are becoming very popular these days. Being an open-source it helps in cost cutting, all you need is to hire Android application developer who excel in their field. Professional android application develops these applications at a very low cost.

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