If you've been around the US for such a long time now, maybe you've heard about telemarketers. But the question is: who are they exactly? Telemarketers trained personnel that perform direct marketing using the telephone or other media. They talk with prospects for the purpose of building a direct relationship with them. Because of the advancement of technology, these agents can contact prospects anywhere in the globe by using VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

These telemarketers always undergo trainings in order to effectively provide the needs of various companies that requested their service. The training often ranges from language and dialect training to the product or services training that can help them familiarized with the product/service they are selling or the company that they are representing. The trainings conducted are designed to increase the productivity and reliability of their agents.

As much as possible, the telemarketing call centers aim to keep language barrier between their telemarketers and the people at the receiving end of the call to minimum. If they fail to do so, more often than not, these parties will not be able to understand each other that could result to frustration and lost of sale.

Minimizing or eliminating the language barrier is very important to achieve better communication and strong company-customer relationship. To keep the language barrier to a minimum, professional telemarketing agents should use the English language to communicate with their leads or prospects for it is considered the universal language.

There are different categories for professional telemarketers. They can either be classified as inbound, outbound, sales, or lead generation telemarketers.

  1. Inbound Telemarketers
    These are the people who handle all procedures that concern orders, inquiries and even complaints. These call center agents are always ready to accommodate customers who need various types of information. Usually they don't need to be very convincing for in the first place they are not into sales. People already show interest by calling in, so they just need to become good listeners and helpmates.
  2. Outbound Telemarketers
    These call center agents are obliged to call various leads and clientele for varying reasons. They call to promote a product and/or service, set an appointment, profile a company client database conduct a survey, or gather feedbacks. These agents also do event telemarketing wherein they call to invite prospects for webinars, seminars or conventions.
  3. Sales Telemarketers
    These are the telemarketers whose prime responsibility is to make a sale. They need to be very convincing in order to sell product/service and they are often hired to market newly developed and launched wares and goods. Usually they are the ones who undergone intensive trainings in order to get the required amount of sales.
  4. Lead Generation Telemarketers
    These are the ones who take pride in finding prospects or b2b and b2c leads. They often call people to gather information and to find out whether or not the person at the receiving end of the call is interested in buying the products or services from the company.

Professional telemarketers are the prime reasons why telemarketing companies thrive and survive. They are the kind of people who will always be motivated to get every job done. So if you outsource to them, it is guaranteed that you can gain more for your business.

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Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit: http://www.callboxinc.com/