Becoming an internet entrepreneur is one thing since anybody can go online with a website or blog and lay claim to such a title! However being successful at developing a money making business involves much more than simply having a presence on the internet! There are certain intangibles involved that only the individual can supply but are oh so necessary to develop a profitable business online! Here are 3 intangible that are worth more than any 'physical' assets someone may use to build themselves a money making business over the internet!

Self Motivation

Entrepreneurs for the most part work by themselves which means EVERYTHING is there responsibility! Having said that if they have even the slightest hopes of being successful they must possess and also maintain a very high level of motivation! The time and effort it may and will take to build a profitable business will continuously call for plenty of self motivation since without it there will be little chance of progress!

Supreme Confidence

Having confidence in not only your own abilities but also in what the target of your pursuits may be plays a vital role in being successful. The person who lacks the confidence or possesses doubt in themselves or what they are doing will only succeed in sabotaging their own efforts! The best way to build your confidence is through your own preparation and research. If your intent is to create a money making business online this preparation and research is absolutely critical!

Bulldog Determination

Building anything is normally a process that can consume much time, effort and even patience. When you consider that setbacks and mistakes will occur this process can seem like an eternity! Entrepreneurs online therefore must possess the determination of a bulldog and the patience of a saint if they expect to reach their desired goals! It is important to understand the work involved here is not complicated nor is it all that difficult but it does require your active and constant involvement! It is only your sustained and focused efforts that will get you what you seek which in this case is a profitable business you can call your own!

Becoming an internet entrepreneur that experiences success in building a money making business requires certain intangibles. Being successful, especially on the internet involves attributes that can only be supplied by the entrepreneurs themselves. The 3 intangibles discussed above can legitimately lay claim to being the driving force behind what actually makes and maintains a profitable business! All the technology and marketing skills you can possibly consider are worthless unless the person using them has a strong motivation for being successful! Does this sound like you?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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