When it comes to marketing tools, you get what you pay for. However, that does not mean that free marketing tools are close to useless. Squidoo is a perfect example of a free but highly effective service. Just look at the millions of lenses or Squidoo pages that are hosted there. These lenses are very easy to find using your favorite search engine since Squidoo has a high page ranking. This means that you can use Squidoo to your advantage as soon as you discover the tricks.

Keywords take a role as usual so you will have to get the search engines to recognize these phrases. Squidoo lets you customize the URL of your lens so you might as well set it as one of your primary keyword phrases before others take it. For instance, if you want to sell custom wallets for women, squidoo.com/womens-custom-wallets should be an optimized URL. The same basic tricks of keyword research apply here. Just think of the phrases that others will likely use on a search engine to find your page.

Don't forget to add the keywords to the title of your page as well. Going back to the same example, the title "Choosing good women's custom wallets" should work just fine for one of the modules of your Squidoo lens. You can then add links to your site or affiliate so visitors can make a purchase and you earn as a result.

To make things consistent, you should add the same keywords somewhere in the body text of your lens. A comfortable way to do this without oversaturating the keywords is to have a couple of keywords every 200 words per module. You can separate these groups of words in paragraphs so the content looks more natural.

Make sure that your content stays informative to your audience so they can value it. Lenses that purely exist for advertisement purposes normally don't go very far but lenses with quality content really fly. Besides, you can go fully hands on with the content since Squidoo handles the other components including site building and hosting.

Expect some degree of competition no matter what niche you are in but fortunately there are millions of customers that are willing to give some quality content some attention. Just remember that a significant amount of these people have rather short attention spans. You will have to shoot for the top search results if you want to attract those individuals.

Google recognizes Squidoo as an authority site which means that the ranks are pretty high in the SERPs. This allows you to leverage both Google and Squidoo's own internal search engine in showing off your lens to others provided that you used relevant keyword phrases.

Always remember that quality is more important than quantity. Let the keywords do the work in bringing more traffic to your lens while you let the content increase conversion rates so you can profit off of that traffic.

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