One thing I always marveled at was that older people always had all the money, nicer homes and drove newer cars while younger people with families were broke. It just didn’t seem right. I mean, shouldn’t young people with families have lots of money while they are still young enough to enjoy it?

EXPERIENCE CAN BE A CRUEL TASKMASTER – Many of the older people prospered from experience. Nothing beats experience. But there is a heavy toll to pay for it called ‘YEARS’. Someone can spend their whole lifetime gaining money making experience. But using someone else’s experience is like travelling through time. You can yourself LIGHT YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR simply by following someone else’s success.

So the guru or mentor used up all his years learning and gaining experience and tasted financial success finally. Most likely his kids will inherit that money when he dies and they didn’t even earn it. But you can TIME-TRAVEL past his learning curve saving yourself LIGHT YEARS of trial and error in making your own personal fortune!

TREES ARE CUT DOWN, A HIGHWAY IS LAID. A good example of life-sucking experience would be the art of copy writing or advertising. Both of these trades can takes years to learn. The old pros spent their whole life testing and tweaking, knocking down all the trees in the forest that got in their way so they could make their fortunes.

Today it is a well-paved road that the young guy or gal can travel on at maximum light speed. The old guys put in all the years of exhaustive testing and experimentation. Now all you have to do is study their formulas saving yourself TIME.

DON’T BE FOOLED BY SIMPLICITY – many people make this mistake because they don’t realize what they got a hold of. Sometimes someone will order one of the ‘profitable small business opportunities’ that has everything refined, well tuned and ready-to-go. It even comes with a proven, marketing plan.

It is so refined it is drop-dead simple. Yet the buyer thinks that they got ripped off because of the simplicity. They don’t realize how much testing went into what they now hold in their hands. They won’t even give it a try. They just drift off to the next new ‘thing’ never to make any money. They thought whatever it was that was in that box was going to jump out onto their back and say ‘giddy-up!’ but the truth is, SUCCESS NEVER ATTACKED ANYONE.

People thought Thomas Edison was a genius, which he probably was. But his reply was that if they only knew how much testing and failures he went through to create the light bulb and other inventions they wouldn’t think he was a genius at all. Since then, companies who never had to go through what he went through have been making light bulbs like clockwork.

SAVE YOURSELF YEARS - follow a leader. No matter which one of the profitable small business opportunities you want to master, follow an expert who has already put in the time and the travel. Don’t waste your life figuring it all out. Follow the proven plan of any mentor and your success will come much faster. This is how time travel can set you free this year by making sure it is SOMEONE ELSE’S time and travel and not your own! As it is said, money likes speed!

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