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International delivery is viral. Unsurprisingly, international delivery services constantly develop their online resources and attract customers. Meest America is also making efforts to make life easier for Americans and offers to send packages to Poland through the Meest Portal. What kind of service is it, and what are the restrictions on sending parcels from America to Poland? Read in this article.

What Is a Meest Portal?

Hurry up to register on the online Meest Parcel Portal, which was created to make the lives of Americans and their relatives in Europe and more than 50 countries easier. With the help of the portal, you get many opportunities to simplify the processing and delivery of parcels, significantly saving you time in the future.

Take advantage of the Meest Portal:

Possibility of paying taxes on parcels in America.
Formation of your database, which significantly facilitates filling in data for sending messages in the future.
View payment history.
Possibility to send a parcel via Fedex and UPS at the nearest drop-off location, as well as call a courier to your home and door-to-door delivery to Europe for shopping lovers
Attractive discounts for registered users.
The cheapest shipping to Poland rates.
Ongoing customer support.

Why Do Delivery Companies Introduce Sending Restrictions?

Each country has its own rules for the import of certain items in shipments. It is essential to know about the receiving country's laws and follow them so that the parcel is not detained and returned to customs. Most often, perishable products, bulky cargo, military goods, infectious substances, and all items that can damage the container and other cargo during delivery are subject to the ban for shipping to Poland from the USA.

Before you send a package to Poland , you should familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited products on the website.

What Items Are Prohibited to Send to Poland?

Go to the Meest international delivery website, select the recipient's country, and check whether your product is on the prohibited list. If not, please form the parcel and wait for the courier.

So, it is not permitted to send the following items to Poland:

Acids, batteries, and other hazardous chemicals.
Cosmetics, perfumes, and toiletries.
Highly flammable substances and other dangerous liquids.
Radioactive substances.
Seeds and plants.
Alcohol and tobacco products.
Petroleum products, and more.

The main goal of Meest Ameria is the fast and careful delivery of your shipments. In addition to the opportunity to reduce US to Poland-shipping costs, the company offers to save time and send parcels through the Meest Portal quickly and without problems. Most importantly, check the list of prohibited items and do not complicate sending your parcel

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