You've heard the saying "Many hands make light work." But many hands also make the work a lot more fun. Moms constantly have projects up their sleeves. A good way to foster friendships and get your work done at the same time is to include your friends in some of your projects. You will all reap the benefits of quality time together and successful work accomplished. And if you have kids of the same age, they can enjoy a playdate as well. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Everyone can stock up the freezer with meals by spending one day cooking together. Plan some recipes that everyone likes; then assign ingredients to each individual who participates (enough for everyone). Each mom arrives with ingredients and cookware in hand, and leaves with some casseroles, cookies, or other delicacies that she can stock in the freezer for a later date.
* Ask a friend to come over for a particularly challenging project. Are you trying to de-clutter your closet but having a difficult time knowing what to keep and what to toss? A real friend will tell you which clothes look better in the trash can than on your body.
* Holidays can be a bit hectic. Invite some friends over to make gifts together (especially gifts for neighbors or teachers). Check out some seasonal craft magazines for good handmade gift ideas and let everyone agree on something. Each person can bring supplies, and everyone can make the crafts together. You can even do a cookie exchange where each person brings one type of cookie and then everyone exchanges their cookies so that you go home with a wide assortment of goodies.
* Give those green thumbs a workout by helping one another out with gardening or yard work. Take turns spending a morning or afternoon at one another's houses helping with the weeding, trimming, and planting. The kids can play outside while you work.
* Have your kids outgrown the teddy bears and baseballs painted on their walls? Invite a few friends over to help you paint. Turn on some music and catch up on the latest while you knock out that room in no time.

Of course, you'll want to return the favor if your friends come calling on you for help with their latest project. And why wouldn't you? That's what friends are for!

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