Project management has reached the stage where it is considered a full-time profession. Though it is stillpossible to find jobs that merely include project management in their list of responsibilities, many companies have adapted the system and now hiring individuals solely for project management tasks. The growth is impressive while the demand for qualified professionals is more than enough to say that this job is here to stay. If you are very organized, with business and leadership skills to boot, then you are a good candidate for various project management positions.

Project management trends, however, reveal that certification is becoming more and more necessary if you want to survive the cutthroat competition in the job market. In fact, the need to get certified follows any profession that enjoys a huge demand. Luckily, project management certification is not impossible to achieve and even while you are at the comfort of your home. There are quality online courses you can take to hone your project management skills as well as familiarize yourself with project management lifecycle, personnel development, project planning, implementation and evaluation.

Getting certified gives you an obvious advantage over other candidates who are not. Employers and hiring managers are fully aware that training can be costly and time-consuming for any company so it is understandable that they prefer candidates who already went through proper training. Completing project management courses is likewise a good move to stay on top of the game as career advancement may come in the form of recruiting and developing new project managers. Move up the ladder by learning how to spot suitable candidates and judge project success.

Aside from certification, one should not shun the value of experience. You need tons of itto become really good at what you do. So if you were given an opportunity to start as a team member, grab it. When you become a project manager yourself, you will be able to understand your team better. Many project managers actually started as team members and were promoted because they excelled and showed leadership skills. Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom because without real understanding of the job, your certification becomes just a piece of paper. Any project management diploma becomes worthless, too, if you don’t possess the right attitude.The best project managers are people who think big but are still attentive to details, no matter how huge or little they are. They do not make excuses but instead find ways to solve problems. They do not stop learning as they know that new tools, techniques and information are introduced from time to time. Lastly, they always think positive because they know they have the power to inspire or dishearten their team. Keep in mind that project management is about attitude as it is about skills.

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