In life , in a relationship, in a work situation, we are constantly dealing with situations that can make us reactive, or trigger our instincts. When we experience a situation that starts to bother us or push our buttons. That situation is a default level of the universe that must show up and put us under the test of time only, so we can prove to ourselves that we are greater than that particular incident . Knowing That my being is far more than just that incidence and so there for the incident keeps showing up in the movie of our lives until we perfect the idea that " I am greater than just a reactive incident" .
So called negative situations only show up in our movie of life so that we can become more certain about the doubts we have piled up, about our great unlimited self. The insecurities we posses , by law of nature , must show up somewhere and so in most cases they will show up as a form of projection by appearing through an angry man that passes by or a sad person that says hello or a loving hug.. all of these situations are only a mirror of our inner being, that are being projected on to the outer layer of ourselves which is the world. But mistakenly we think that these situation are outer entities. That they don't belong to us. As a result we become reactive and try to fight with our own shadow. So we are in essence not being accepting to ourselves and we are fighting our own shadow works. Pretty much like projector and a projection screen, what ever you see on the screen is a result of the Film that is playing and projecting from the projector. If we begin to try to press the stop button on the screen it won't work . We need to effect change at the seed level which is to walk up to the projector , which in this metaphor represents the roots of the behavior that resides in our unconscious and work from there. The more aware we are that there is nothing outside of you , that all the movies that are being played in front of your conscious mind or the behaviors that others do to you, are all a reality that we create with our own perceptions , to that extent we can also be relieved and healed from the plague of being reactive to ourselves . This concept is the key to transformation and acts as the single most precise catalyst to activate our true power in this Mirage type of world that we live in.

article by Shahin Jedian Los Angeles Hypnotherapist and Personality Expert.

Author's Bio: 

Shahin lives with his wife and 3 children in Los Ageles. From a young age he has been completely absorbed in the science of relationship building. Currently he is teaching the Jedianix Community System worldwide. He Created the Jedianix system as he brought ancient wisdom for modern times from the far east and created the mystery of vital energy for relationships. He is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and kabalitic Reiki Master and Trainer's Trainer.

My Nature: Curiosity has always been the hallmark of my personality. From a young age I remember always having this insatiable drive for knowledge of the self and in particular the know how of being able to locate the inner talents and capabilities of the human being. With every experience my knowledge and intuition got me closer to that understanding.
My Experiences: I have Experienced Detaching from my Birthplace at an early age and learning to adopt to new cultures. I have experienced being in a 12 year and still going relationship with my wife and 3 children.I have experienced Four years of intense study of different philosophies and Talmudic Structure.I experienced 8 years of Practical Kaballah Study and Practice which included Cosmic Meditations, Kaballistic Astrology, and Face Reading. I experienced 12 years of Directing Zoom Video and Photographic arts which included direct experience with over 400 faces a week in the field of Imaging, and productions with Character recognition and personality profiling for Film.. I experienced 3 years of teaching grades 3rd to 12th grade. I experienced Two years of giving Workshops on self help as Leader of
Real U Organization. I also experienced 2 years of Internship in Hypnotherapy.
I Founded: I am blessed by God to be the Creator for two unique Healing Methods, called CELLULAR INCEPTION and POINT BLANK HYPNOTIC BREAKTHROUGH. Books and Media on this subject are on the way.
My Degrees, Credentials and Certificates: Currently January 2011 , I am a Certified Hypnotherapist (in the Krasner Method ) from the accredited Kona University formerly known as American Pacific university. I hold a Bachelor Degree from Ner Institute in Talmudic Philosophy and ancient Spirituality. I also have my certificate in Psychology of communication and Methodology of effective teaching from the Machon training program in Maryland. I also Hold a Photo Arts and Imagery Training Degree from the New york Institute of Photography. I also have spend 8 years in Kaballah training in Cosmic energies of the months , Kaballistic Astrology Readings and life purpose Identifications. Face reading and palm reading was also part of the training ....
Why I Chose Hypnotherapy as the Primary way of Helping My Clients?
Because it is the fastest and most effective way to Reprogram the Unconscious . It works and continue to be effective because the change is being made at a seed level.

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