When it comes to the conflict that is taking place in the external world, one only needs to look or to listen and they will soon be aware of what is taking place. Now this could relate to something that is taking place in front of them or something that is happening on the other side of the planet.

The media, for instance, always covers different events that demonstrate the conflict that is taking place locally and globally. And as there is so much conflict, the media can only focus on certain events and as to why they focus on one event and not another, is another discussion altogether.

So as there is so much taking place in world, one can only focus on certain events and this is going to mean that they are unaware of other events that are taking place. And what they do focus on is going to depend on a number of factors.

Two Types

On one side is going to be the conflict that takes place externally and on the other side is going to be the conflict that is taking place internally. And while it is easy to observe outer conflict, it is not always as easy to notice inner conflict.

To say that one type of conflict exists externally and another exists internally would be a half truth. This is because outer conflict can become inner conflict and inner conflict can end up being outer conflict.

Visible And Invisible

Outer conflict is relatively easy to notice; one’s eyes or ears are likely to let one know. But when it comes to inner conflict, there is the chance that one is aware if of it and there is also the chance that they’re not.

When one is unaware of the conflict that exists within then, it won’t just disappear and no longer trouble then, it will show up externally. Or more to the point, it will be projected externally.

Out Of Touch

This will happen when one is out of touch with what it creating conflict within them. It then won’t matter that they’re the ones who are the cause of what they are seeing, as ones focus is going to be on what’s happening externally. What this shows, is a lack of inner integration and this is not something that just happens.

When one is unable to accept something within them, they’re likely to disconnect from it. What they have rejected will then be something they project onto other people and one is then going to be oblivious to the fact that it is an inner problem.


And it won’t matter how intelligent someone is, as this can happen to anyone. What makes it hard for one to realise what is taking place is the fact that it won’t seem as though one is projecting their inner conflict onto others.

One is likely to experience the conflict as if they’re just observing what is taking place and that they’re playing no part in what they are experiencing. How one feels, in relation to what they’re ‘observing’, will be seen as a consequence of what is taking place.

External Trigger

But although it can appear as though ones feelings are being caused by what is happening externally, in reality, what is happening externally is simply triggering how one already feels. And while one is directing these feelings towards other people, they reflect how one feels about what is taking place within them.

So if one faced their inner conflict, what is happening externally might not bother them any longer. Their point of focus is then going to change and one could end up feeling more at peace, empowered and free.


When one is aware of what is taking place in their body, it is going to be harder for them to project how they feel onto other people. However, when ones point of focus is in their head and they’re out of touch with their body, what is going on in their body is going to be seen as belonging to other people.


One may find that they have a strong reaction to people who are selfish or that they attract people who only take. This is then likely to cause one to feel angry and that the other person needs to grow up. Now, while ones assessment of the other person could be seen as being accurate, it could relate to the fact that one is not comfortable with their own needs.

On the inside, one has the needs and wants to have them met, but at the same time, they might feel ashamed of their needs. And the anger they feel at being unable to have them met is then directed towards people who are getting them met.

What can stop one from reflecting on why they feel as they do is because they relate to someone who is out of balance. One can then believe that how they feel is justified, but the reason they attract such people into their life is because they’re out of balance to begin with.

Inner Conflict

Having needs is not something that should create inner conflict. But the reason why one is experiencing inner conflict when it comes to their needs or anything else for that matter is often the result of what took place during their childhood. How the people around them responded to their needs during these years will a have played a part in what one is unable to integrate within them.

So what is a normal part of one’s nature is something that one ends up feeling uncomfortable with. If one was to embrace what they have rejected, they could feel ashamed, guilty and fear that they will be rejected, abandoned and/or harmed.


In order for one to integrate what they project onto others, it is going to be important for them to look at what stops this from taking place. If one has formed an identity around rejecting a certain part of their nature, it might cause them to believe that they will not be accepted by others. And this could reflect how they felt when they were growing up.

They might also be carrying emotional pain from the past and this could be stopping them from owning what is within them. The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be needed.

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