If you want to prolong ejaculation one of the first things you need to realize is that the actual cause of the problem is in your head. Although there are some known medical conditions that can cause sexual performance problems in men, in the vast majority of cases it's the result of anxiety.

Although performance anxiety sounds like a big deal it's nothing other than the fear of not performing sexually. After one or two problematic sexual experiences you can easily start to get nervous that it might happen again. When you get nervous to the extent where your entire sexual experience is rendered by this subconscious fear it can actually become the very cause of it. To prolong ejaculation and become a better lover you simply need to overcome this mental hurdle. Here are some easy tips to help you get past the anxiety.

1. Just Relax. Often times people who are stressed out and anxious about life experience problems in the bedroom. When you are fearful and nervous about life it usually finds its way into the bedroom. Learn to let go and start making a conscious effort to be find time to relax. Taking up a sport, taking a holiday or just getting some exercise can be very useful.

2. It's just sex. Guys who suffer from severe sexual performance anxiety are usually very nervous about sex. The "know" that they don't last that long and the very thought of it makes them nervous. Some guys get so anxious about sex that they avoid it altogether. Just don't make such a big deal about it. Treat sex as a fun and relaxing experience and remember that the aim of sex is not to ejaculate. This mind shift can help you shed the burden of anxiety and help you prolong ejaculation in itself. It's all about having the right attitude.

3. Medication. One of the accidental discoveries that was made in this field was that men who were on prescription anti depressants reported unusually long sexual stamina. Anxiety medicine and anti depressants are designed to relax and calm you down. It is this more than any other thing that makes it effective as prolonging ejaculation. It also proofs that it's mostly in your head and not the result of a physical condition. You need to speak to your doctor about this route of treatment and be mindful that it can have severe side effects.

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