Video content becomes not just a part of our reality, but a real tool and one of the most important parts of a business strategy, regardless of the direction in which this business is carried out. Whether it is a small confectionery or a large metallurgical plant, today almost every business has its own social pages, business card sites and full-fledged e-commerce. And filling them with content is very important. Moreover, according to statistics and expert’s opinion in the field of marketing, plain text content, which was filled in an old-fashioned way with sites earlier, is no longer relevant at all. There are several reasons for this:

  • First, people are mostly visuals by nature: our brain absorbs information which is presented visually much better in the form of pictures, and even better - moving pictures. A dry text, no matter how informative it is, loses video production in all respects.
  • Secondly, the speed of the Internet connection in the world is steadily growing. That allows you to calmly watch even larger and more complex video graphics online, and not download it for viewing, as it was 10-15 years ago.
  • Well, thirdly, plain information itself is just boring! But the combination of an informative message with entertainment elements that evoke emotions and response is another matter.

  Therefore, advanced companies have long adopted video and animated products in order to actively promote their brand and offer their customers interesting and entertaining messages through promotional videos.

What Characterizes the Promotional Video?

  There are a number of characteristics that your company’s promotional video for business must meet in order for it to be successful.

  • Brevity: a long film will not hold the viewer's interest for a long time, because you are unlikely to be able to clothe your idea in the form of a Hollywood blockbuster with a multimillion-dollar budget, and that is not necessary for general. Therefore, promotional videos have a short timing, which will allow the viewer to view it completely and not be distracted during these few seconds.
  • Informativeness: fullness with meaning is very important, because in a short time you, at times, need to state your business concept in whole or in detail to explain what your product or service is.
  • Originality: copying competitors is not an option. In a world where one million gigabytes of content is produced daily, it’s very difficult not to get lost. To do this, your video should have its own branded tricks and traits that will allow viewers to recognize the images associated with your brand and form a positive impression of them immediately.
  • Quality: video collected by an amateur can, of course, cause a resonance, but most often it passes unnoticed or causes irony. Another thing is an elaborate video, in which the colour, sound series, effects and plot have a strict structure, are interconnected and form a whole picture. Often, not one person works on such videos, but several specialists, professionals in the field of storytelling, design, video filming, music directors and visual effects pros. Their joint work gives a stunning result.

  In fact, your promotional video for business can be used at once in several cases. And each of them is focused on its goal.

  • To attract customers and increase site conversion - place these videos on the site.
  • To maintain interest in you on social networks - publish them on the official pages in each of the social media.
  • To attract partners - use the promotional video on your exhibition booth at the thematic exhibitions.
  • To interact with another business and find customers or partners, include a promotional video in your presentations during negotiations.

  This is only a small part of the scope of video content in the business. And you can easily come up with your own, original way to express yourself in the video production format.

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