After all the effort that goes into creating and maintaining your platform you most definitely want to also promote your blog! After all without traffic to your blog all your work will be in vain therefore our discussion here will be about how to get new readers by enlisting the help of others! What we're referring to here is how to get visitors to your platform by having others recommend your site!

Here are 3 ways bloggers can use their content to entice people to spread the word to others resulting in new readers landing on your platform!

Be Creative

Inject your own imagination and/or insight into an otherwise 'boring' topic to bring it to life! Quite often how you view certain subject matter likely differs with many of those who land on your platform! Provided what you do present is intriguing enough, people will naturally want to share it with their own friends and colleagues! Their referrals then give your site the 'social proof' it needs to get additional traffic to your blog!

Use Tongue in Cheek Humor

The fact is that coming up with content based upon a subject that nobody has ever seen is extremely difficult to do! Industry updates, policy changes or even just 'fresh' news that may interest your readers does NOT occur every day or even monthly! On the other hand using topics people may already be familiar with and 'weaving' your particular brand of humor into it can make it at least entertaining! People who do appreciate being entertained, and there are many, are likely to once again send new readers to your blog simply for the entertainment value it offers!

Slam People With Your Opinions

Sharing your opinions, especially if they are not commonly embraced by the masses, tends to get you noticed! Now the more radical your opinion may be compared with that of the 'main stream' the greater the chance you'll be noticed and possibly even disagreed with, but as long as it get more traffic to your blog, who cares! The key is to back up the position you have taken with either facts or at least a line of reasoning as to why you may feel that way! Look at Russ Limbaugh to see how effective this approach can be! The long and short is this, getting noticed is how to get visitors to land on your blog!

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to enlist the efforts of people already visiting your platform! By posting content that creates a buzz in some form or fashion, current readers will recommend what you wrote to others resulting in additional traffic to your blog! The discussion above points out 3 ways to achieve the objective of attracting new readers by leveraging the efforts of others! Not only does this strategy save you time but also it is the way in how you get visitors, through referrals, that increases the likelihood these people are interested in what you write about!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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