Any required human behavioral activity that is regulated independently, intentionally, and on his or her own initiative — this is the common definition of self-care. This type of nurturing is not narcissistic and not selfish at all for this is a necessity. Sometimes, people overlooked themselves for they are too busy taking care of others who are dear to them. The value of self-nurturing is often underappreciated for it is frequently confused with selfishness; however, to make things clear, there is nothing wrong in taking care of one’s self.

The importance of self-nurturing is similar to the significance of loving others. Time, attention, and effort are being allocated but instead on others, they are being spent to one’s self. There are numerous self-care ways, it include but are not limited to getting an 8-hour sleep, taking a break from work, pampering, eating comfort food, travelling, relaxing, reading, and watching movies. Thus, there are endless methods for this type of nurturing that are efficient and can bring out the best in every person.

Amidst the sudden popping up of various land mines of life that make a person’s life bumpy, taking time to fix his or herself is essential in order to also straighten an individual’s chosen path. It is because change and progress start within one’s self before it can be applied to life. If you want to get a better grasp on why self-nurturing is important, check out the list below:

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