Facebook has turned into a powerhouse of income generating ideas over the last two years. It wasn't so long ago that they were having a hard time thinking of strategies to stay afloat. Sure, there were millions of people joining up every week, but Facebook couldn't figure out how to monetize the business. Then they discovered pitching targeted ads to users and it has worked out great.

Just like the Pay Per Click ads (AdWords) on Google, Facebook has taken to selling advertising to entrepreneurs of every kind of business. The ads target users automatically based on keywords in the profile. If you put 'single' in your profile as your relationship status, you'll notice dating sites will come up. When an advertiser buys ad space, Facebook asks you what keywords you want to use to target people. Then the ads search out users with the same words in their profile descriptions.

Other targeting you can have as an advertiser: a particular age group, a certain region or location and words based on interests, professions and education. For the advertiser, the rates are a bit more affordable than the Google sponsored ads. I see all types of ads on Facebook from writing classes to car dealerships to restaurants and even Facebook profiles and business pages. It's fairly easy to set up and you only spend how much you can afford. You can choose the daily/weekly spending limits. For plenty of blossoming businesses and startup entrepreneurs, this is an affordable choice to learn how to start. Perfect for artists, musicians and filmmakers too.

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