Alloy wheels are used very commonly used by everyone, as they help you to make your vehicle more attractive. It’s so easy to maintain and repair alloy wheels, that’s also considered to be important reason of their popularity. You can repair the alloy wheels even by yourself but if you are not experienced enough then you should prefer to hire a specialist.

Preparation of Alloy wheel during refurbishment

  • After finishing the process of stripping, you have to blast the wheel for removing all the dust, dirt or grime from the surface of the tires.
  • By doing so you will be able to remove the corrosion that was present on the surface of the rim so that you could get smooth and perfect finishing.
  • After this, your alloy wheel will be ready for refurbishment process.

Obviously when everything from the tires will be strip off then tires will be ready to get repaired. Now you can properly inspect all the scuffs and gouges that are present on the surface of the rim, and which needs to be treated.

Powder coating:

While refurbishing the wheels the professionals will take off the tire from the vehicle. After that, he will strip the entire finishing of the wheel and then do the repairing on it. Most common form of repairing the Alloy Wheel Powder Coating, in this process rim is dry paint powder is charged electro statically and then this mixture is pitched to an electrically stuck piece of metal. After that powder is strained on the metal thru spraying process and them it is baked in a curing oven.

Any drawbacks?

  • If by mistake alloy gets damaged or you have applied scrub on the finished rim, then for correcting it you have to repeat all the repairing process all over again. Basically powder coating is more vulnerable to stone chips just because its finishing is more firm.
  • The main issue with powder coating process is that most of the people don’t prefer to phosphate the rims before starting the repair that may lead to rough finishing, so you should clean the tires before starting a repair.
  • Basically Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Uk are made up with alloy blend of aluminium. And it’s a fact that aluminium oxidises rapidly. Just like Iron's rust, the colour of aluminium's oxidation is also the same just like its base metal. 
  • Always remember you have to clean the wheels by using iron or phosphate before starting the repair, otherwise oxide will continue to grow on the surface of the rim, which is really bad for alloy wheels. 

Brake Dust Corrosion

In the beginning phases of brake dust corrosion, there will appear minute marks on the surface of the alloy rims that could be removed easily on weekly basis. But if you will not clean it regularly then it will make a mixture of moisture, grime, dirt and brake dust that will lead towards unadorned pitting of alloy wheels. And when this condition becomes severe then the only option left with you is to get your wheels repaired as soon as possible otherwise you have to change your entire wheels due to damage caused by it.

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