Sri Lanka is one of a best tourist destination around the world without doubt. It meets all requirements of the visitors in all aspects. Especially the is land is known for it's budget trip. This island nation satisfies tourists across the world whom travel to spend their holidays in many ways. From food to to hopitality etc. The reason behind the success of Sri Lankan tourism is it's multi ethnic culture and the people. The people whom travel here can observe and feel it in every part of the country. Even the range of foods differs from region to region. The language, dressing, habits ,building structures etc every thing represent the multi ethnic culture.

Before you plan your vacation to Sri Lanka ,better to consult a Sri Lanka tour agent or a company to make a better trip. This will help you to explore Sri Lanka inch by inch without any flaws. Also plan your trip according to the weather and the season here. Because weather and seasons plays a huge role in Sri Lanka tour.

Enjoy The Golden Beaches Of Sri Lanka

This wonderful island is known for it's golden sandy beaches, Vacation to Sri Lanka is incomplete without traveling to the golden sandy beaches, Which offers so many things to see and things to do. Beaches like Nilaveli, Tangalle, bentota, galle, galle face green, hikkaduwa add more colours to your Sri Lanka tour. These beaches offers so many activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, wind surfing and more, Also this is a special occasion for the honeymoon couples. The food around these coastal regions are phenomenal especially the seafoods. The spices they use to cook the sea will definitely gives a punch to your head, though it's delicious. You should definitely try the Isso vade, a crispy fried chick pea and flour batter topped with for to five fried Sri Lankan prawn, a perfect one for the evening chit chats at the beach. Goes well with a tin of cold beer.

Escape To The North To Relieve From The Rush

Most of the people plan their Vacation to Sri Lanka for their holidays Without considering the northern region. Some of them Travel there without any clues, just to explore without knowing what's there? So far the north is very underrated in Sri Lankan tourism. But it has more to offer. A perfect place to relax yourself. The beaches in the north likes of casuarina, charty, causeway are some hidden gems in Sri Lanka. The Nallur Kandaswami temple is an idol place for the hindus. The places like Jaffna Library, Jaffna fort, sangilean thoopu, Nagadipa Purana Vihara, Kandarodei/ Kadurugoda Temple, Keerimalai/Naguleeswaram Temple, Dambakola Patuna are some historical monuments of North as well as whole country. The food in here is so different. It's too much of floor oriented and addicted to Sea food. Spending holidays in north is valuable as well as entertaining.

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Jerome Julian is writing on budget trip to Sri Lanka based on his travel experiences, he loves Sri Lanka for its natural beauty and the location, he recommends to check out more holiday tour packages to Sri Lanka.